Repricing System Integration: Enhance Your Business Agility

Published 9 December 2014 | Updated 8 April 2020 |


Nowadays, it’s crucial to compete on equal footing with rivals as the eCommerce market isn’t stable offering new tendencies that have to be followed. So, monitoring competitors in the real-time and price optimization is what merchants need to thrive in the niche.

Repricing system helps to know the market better monitoring competitors’ product information and prices. It’s easy as never before to outdo the rivals and generate more profits automatically adjusting your prices to market demands. Moreover, it’s not the limit of all benefits - real-time notifications, reports, and overviews will help to create the most effective pricing strategy.

This brief overview of the service shows that it appears to be really important having such armory for the usage. However, in order to satisfy all the clients’ needs repricing system providers have to be aware of all the novelties that are on the market. API integration falls into the category of such innovations that are worth mentioning. This technology opens new horizons for repricing system providers as it allows to connect to various shopping carts and gather all necessary information.

API integration is a saving boat for merchants who face the challenge of connecting their stores to a repricing solution. These online shops may be situated on different platforms, that’s why, due to the different peculiarity of data storage, repricing solution providers have to develop multiple integration methods to access various shopping carts. This complex job will surely cost them both time and money constraints.

API2Cart is here to rescue such desperate vendors who provide repricing solution. The service offers unified API to access 40+ shopping platforms in an extremely fast and secure way. Easily integrate your repricing system with such industry leaders like Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, and many others simultaneously with no extra efforts. Once, you integrate with API2Cart, get access to all supported platforms easily.

API2Cart offers opportunities to:

  • Integrate repricing system software with multiple shopping platforms;
  • Retrieve products and products’ prices from customers’ stores, process it within your system and provide your customers with an automated repricing at one stroke;
  • Gather all needed information in order to offer your clients powerful price optimization tool;
  • Get products with related data to offer your customers real-time notifications.

API2Cart provides you with scalable and flexible infrastructure, due to which you are able to add an unlimited number of clients’ stores. Reliable and secure integration is the number one point, so you are offered a unique 32-symbol API key to access the system. Also, the SSL certificate is used to ensure data interaction security.

Highly qualified support engineers and managers are ready to solve all your repricing system integration issues and answer the questions. Furthermore, it is feasible to broaden the functionality of your request. API2Cart’s API is well-documented in order to save programmers’ time and efforts. Enjoy the possibility to see and try how each method works.

API2Cart provides you with a single API to perform a connection to multiple solutions simultaneously. Integration itself appears to be a hard and complex process. And, what is more, each cart has its own quirks of data storage, so the connection to a number of platforms requires strong knowledge in a specific logic. Using API2Cart you don’t have to develop separate integration methods for every platform, its unified API allows to perform data interaction at one stroke.

If you have some questions about how API2Cart can strengthen your repricing system, don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE Consultation with an expert. Our qualified team of managers and developers are always ready to provide qualified advice.