Top 10 Shopping Carts to Integrate With if Targeting the EU Market

Published 9 June 2016 | Updated 30 June 2020 |

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Shopping carts have become the common ground for both B2C and B2B e-Commerce. For e-retailers, they serve as the basis for their stores. As business scales, the need for various B2B services appears. They get help from order, inventory and shipping management solutions, accounting, e-mail marketing and other systems. The thing is that those services need customer data to proceed with operations. For example, shipping management tools need order data, such address, name, quantity, etc.. And the optimal way to get access to those data is to integrate your software with the shopping cart in question.

Thus, if you are planning on start providing such services for e-retailers, your first decision will be choosing which shopping carts you want to work with. Some of them are widely used worldwide, and some are popular in the particular area.  We have already listed most popular shopping carts in the USA, and now we have made a list of most widely used shopping carts in Europe.

The State of The European E-Market

According to the European BC2 E-commerce Report, the e-commerce turnover grew by double digits to €455.3 billion, with a growth rate of 13.3% in 2015, according to the report. This year, the European B2C e-commerce turnover will keep increasing and is forecast to reach the €500 billion mark. Read the whole article here.

Here is a list of most widely used shopping carts among the US e-retailers, according to BuiltWith:

  1. Magento                           50 474 users
  2. Prestashop                       30 197 users
  3. WooCommerce                 23 979 users
  4. OpenCart                          8562 users
  5. OsCommerce                    7 493 users
  6. Shopify                               6741 users
  7. Shopify Conversion           6 143 users
  8. ZenCart                             5 975 users
  9. Weebly Commerce           5 161 users
  10. Squarespace Commerce   4 367 users

Integration with many shopping carts multiplies your chances to success. You’ll be able to provide your service around the world and reach almost any e-retailer that would be interested in your software. A ready connection with the platforms enables you to retrieve, add, update and delete various store data and provide new features that would be helpful for e-retailers.

How to Get Connected?

When you have decided to get connected with shopping carts, it is time to think of the optimal way to perform it. Integration is a very complicated process that requires much effort and both time and money expenditures. So integrating separately with each platform is probably the most difficult and long way to establish the connection with multiple platforms.

Shortcut for Multiple Integrations

API2Cart is a service that allows getting connected with 40+ shopping carts. Among them are Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, OsCommerce, Shopify, which are the most widely-used platforms in Europe. Thus, you can perform one integration instead numerous ones, and get access to the data of stores located on any of these platforms.

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