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We are glad to be back with our fresh monthly news for you. So, for this time we prepared for you next articles:

  • Teen shopping habits and trends;
  • For retailers, ‘less-limited aisle’ beats ‘endless aisle’;
  • 4 unknown Facebook features your business is probably missing;
  • Understanding HTTP Status codes, for eCommerce;
  • Microsoft inches toward a world without passwords;
  • 11 mobile apps that make managing our online store easier;
  • 7 must-know tips for online business owners;
  • 15 growth ideas for boosting eCommerce sales.

Teenagers are a demographic group with enormous spending power nipping at their heels. There are about 26 million teens in the United States and 39 percent of them are employed part-time. While similar to millennials, teens have some distinct preferences. Marcia Kaplan shows good winning strategies for merchants in her article ”Teen shopping habits and trends”.

The concept of “endless aisle” has been discussed in eCommerce for years. Jeremy Hanks  less-limited aisle is one of the bests strategies for you. In his article, he describes why and when less-limited aisle is more efficient strategy. .

Facebook has hundreds of features built into its platform to help small businesses thrive. However, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re only taking advantage of a few of them. 4 powerful tools. Katherine Sullivan shows us 4 unknown Facebook features your business is probably missing.

Knowing common HTTP Status codes is important not only for web developers but also for non-developers, and online retailers in particular. If you know how to work with codes you will better understand how your store functions. Understanding  is very important and Eric Davis describes HTTP Status codes for e-commerce and how they are grouped.

Does the end of the password age has come? Microsoft announced the general availability of its phone sign-in for customers with Microsoft accounts. The new system only requires that customers add their accounts to the Microsoft Authenticator app which comes in both iOS and Android versions. Read more about new phone sign-in process in the article “Microsoft inches toward a world without passwords

Everyone owning online store knows that you always need to be in tune with your business. Sujan Patel presents us 11 mobile apps that make managing our online store easier. These apps help to manage your business when you are on vacation, lying on the bed, or just eating your breakfast.

If you own online business you can’t go far without using SEO. There are many things to consider when producing web content for your business, but SEO is inarguably one of the most important. Here Sharon Conwell shares 7 must-know tips for online business owners.

And the last one, if you have eCommerce business, consider these 15 Growth ideas for Boosting Ecommerce Sales by William Harris.

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