Use of ArtificiaI Intelligence in E-commece [Infographic]

Published 8 November 2016 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

artificial intelligence in ecommerce

Though being a fresh trend in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has already integrated into many aspects of our lives, including healthcare, transportation, fraud detection, toys, finance, and music. E-commerce is a comparatively new field in which AI is making bold changes, though it has yet to reach its full potential.

Artificial intelligence technologies hold a huge potential for e-commerce automation systems such as inventory management, supply management, price optimization, and other related software. It also turns out that AI can help automate even more tasks and enhance user shopping experience.

Visenze had recently shared a very pictorial infographic about the actual and potential use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. We are sure it would be interesting for you as well, so we decided to share it with you. Let’s explore what new capabilities artificial intelligence brings to the e-commerce industry and how you can implement this new trend into your B2B e-commerce software system:


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