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How to connect Shopify to API2Cart?

To connect Shopify store to API2Cart you need to specify the following credentials:

Required credentials:

  1. shopify_api_key + shopify_api_password - for connection via Private app
  2. shopify_access_token - for connection via Custom app
  3. shopify_shared_secret - is needed to work with Live Shipping Rates or Webhooks

Note. Private apps are deprecated and can`t be created as of January 2022. Custom apps are used instead

To receive shopify_access_token you need to create a Custom app. There are 2 ways:

Let's consider the 2nd way.

In Shopify admin

Open Apps section and press Develop apps for your store.

Press Allow custom app development.

Next step - Create Custom app.

Choose scopes and permissions to the store data.

Webhook Subscriptions Event version - leave without any changes.

Next, open Overview tab and Install the app.

Access token and shared secret will be available in API credentials section.

Please note that Access token could be seen just once. If you lose it you will need to create another App.

Use needed credentials to connect the store.

You can find additional information in Shopify guide.

If you are interested in oAuth authorization proceed with the first way via Partner dashboard. Here is a Shopify guide .

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