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How to connect Hybris to API2Cart?

Getting credentials

Create a client

Set token lifetime

To work with orders endpoint, you need to add a store with the parameters hybris_username, hybris_password.

Also, the user must belong to groups such as customersupportagentgroup and customermanagergroup.

To work with warehouses and get store data via, the admin user must also belong to a group warehouseadministratorgroup.

This can be done by simply assigning the user to a group, or if the user is already in a group and there is a need to expand its capabilities, then you can add its subgroup to the group.

If everything is done correctly, you can add a store.

If, when trying to add a store, an error occurs due to incorrect permissions, for example, due to the absence of a group, it is necessary to delete the incorrectly generated OAuth Access Token. If you try to regenerate it, Hybris will still give the same token until it expires.

The request examples (Postman collection)

If Store is Expired

for HSQL database:

./hybris/bin/platform/ -temp CPS_SQL

for MySQL:

/hybris/bin/platform/ -temp CPS_MYS

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