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How to connect Lightspeed to API2Cart?

To connect Lightspeed store to API2Cart you need to specify the following credentials:

  • lightspeed_api_key
  • lightspeed_api_secret

There are two ways to get them:

  1. The store owners can contact the LightSpeed Customer Service department in order to receive api_key and api_secret credentials.
  2. You can develop your App and publish it on LightSpeed App Store. After that, you will get APP_KEY and APP_SECRET. Then you should specify the callback URL to which store credentials come. You can do it in the partner environment (Under ‘Apps > (APP NAME) > Success URL’).

When the store owner installs your App, credentials to the store will come to your callback URL (language, shop id, signature, timestamp, token, and cluster_id). From all the credentials you need only a token.

Now you have credentials needed for adding Lightspeed store to API2Cart.

  • lightspeed_api_key = APP_KEY
  • lightspeed_api_secret = md5(token + APP_SECRET);

More info you can find on LightSpeed docs.

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