Updated 24 May 2022 | Anastasia Kholod

Recently, we’ve released newly updated documentation that includes a detailed description of all 100+ supported API methods with all necessary parameters and code samples. Now, it is more convenient for usage outlining  best patterns of  work with the service.

We are proud to share this with you to show one of the milestones in our desire to provide clients with qualified service. And developer experience appears to be a crucial part of it where excellent documentation is a half battle. As it was previously mentioned in our blog article API Documentation: How to Build It Right, there are some major points good documentation should have. So, our developers are on their way to enhance services’ functionality continually and provide excellent DX (developer experience).

In 2012, when API2Cart was launched as a newly born infant-prodigy of the huge MagneticOne family, it was all about performing connection to major shopping platforms allowing to share data easily. All that functionality was provided by unified API - the kiddo of API2Cart Dev Team. In order to present our API to developers community we had been using Swagger, a complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services.

Swagger helped us to solve a lot of problems. We got interactive documentation, received client SDK generation and discoverability. With the help of Swagger UI, we dynamically generated documentation  with a free collection of HTML, Javascript and CSS assets.


However, despite all the advantages, at some moment we faced the lack of functionality, regarding our needs. The possibility to chose one of the test shopping carts was critical. And it was hard to implement this with Swagger as it doesn’t support integration with our stores. The process of finding the solution with the help of this framework would have cost us time and money losses. That is why our developers have decided to create own tool that would firmly suit API2Cart’s requirements.

New documentation release is the culmination of months of hard work in order to make API2Cart a clear tool to use for both developers and non-technical users. The doc itself was developed using Zend 2, a framework for high-performing PHP applications, and Bootstrap, a framework for fast and easy front-end web development. The new tool that has been developed for visualization solves our problem of integration with our test stores.

Now, a new static and interactive documentations help developers to work with API2Cart easily. Each of 100+ API methods is described with all necessary parameters. Code samples are presented to help get started at once. Integration Basics section holds the basic information on how to connect the store to API2Cart, how to work with products, orders, customers and categories. Also, a lot of additional information is given, including, errors descriptions, recommendations for  developers and all filter fields explanations.

If you are interested in using API2Cart to connect with 40+ shopping carts simultaneously, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our representative. Feel free to register and try how each API method responses with our test stores.

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