The Year 2015 in Review: Achievements & Milestones

Published 6 January 2016 | Updated 31 July 2017 |


The sound of the bells on Santa's reindeer’s necks are echoing behind, which means that the holiday season 2015 has become history. We decided that it would be interesting to take a look back at the API2Cart advancements over the past year.

The year 2015 brought us changes and enhancements in not only the functionality of the service but also our team. With the fresh and talented professional blood now a part of our family, we manage to extend considerably the range of supported platforms and API methods. Let’s take a closer look at the API2Cart major achievements of 2015.

API2Cart Enhancements

The list of supported platforms was enriched with 4 new carts, Gambio, Oxid, WP e-Commerce, and X-Cart 5 store data is now available for you to retrieve and use with API2Cart. The shopping carts mentioned are just the beginning, and in the next year, we’re going to keep moving forward with adding new platforms.

Thousands of hours were spent by our dedicated developer team to add a range of new API methods. Their effort resulted in API2Cart allowing to work with shipments including the possibility to specify tracking number. A number of new methods were made available for Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, CS-Cart, Ubercart, and many other supported platforms. Therefore, all processes concerning retrieval, adding, deleting, syncing are now expanded with numerous new API methods.

We’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to get new features that would create new opportunities for B2B services of the e-Commerce sector. One of the updates worth being mentioned is the possibility of multi-store data retrieval for Magento platform. It can be used by companies to expand the functional range of their software and offer more to a lot of new clients.

Another excellent achievement is that the order.abandoned.list API method is now supported by the service. In order to get more information related to this topic, you can visit the press release page. This method currently works for Magento only, but the company is going to work hard to make it work for 30+ other popular shopping carts in the 2016.

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The year 2015 was significant for API2Cart, and we want to thank our partners and readers! Without you, we would not be able to achieve such impressive results. We are grateful for the inspiration to reach new heights, as all we’re doing is directed to satisfy you. We wish you, your families, and your companies a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year!