API Digest #102: Guys, REST APIs are not Databases

Published 8 October 2018 | Updated 29 August 2019 |

Welcome back to our API Digest series! We are continuing to deliver the most interesting news from the world of APIs via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. Guys, REST APIs are not Databases

 One of the common mistakes developers make regarding REST APIs is to treat them as databases. In this article Thiago Marini explains that the purpose of databases is to store data, and APIs are all about how components interact with each other. He also shares his ideas on how REST APIs should be built.

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2. 3 Tips For Connecting To Your First API

 Have you ever wanted to connect to data using an API, but you weren’t quite sure where to begin? In this post Chris Pontarolo-Maag shares the tips and examples to confidently query data using your first API.

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3. API Security in the Wild

 Most recently, a lot of companies were attacked by the fundamentally flawed approach to security. In this article Keith Casey provides specific steps we can take at the design stage to make sure our APIs are more secure in unpredictable scenarios.

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4. Who Invented the API?

 Kristopher Sandoval addresses a few basic points concerning APIs with the goal to understand some questions percolating around the API space. He covers the history of the API and defines the nature of the API concept itself. Read the article to find out the details.

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5. Five Things to do Before Opening Your Internal API

 In this article Wendell Santos refers to James Higginbotham who offered the tips for making sure your API is ready. Of course, these tips alone do not ensure a successful public API. But if your organization is considering taking that final step towards an open API, then they can help you be ready.

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6. What’s The Difference Between Versioning and Revisioning APIs?

 Release management is an important part of any API development lifecycle. Kristopher Sandoval discusses its two approaches, namely versioning and revisioning, and isolates some specific circumstances in which each is appropriate.

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7. Best practices for building API Keys

 Probably you might be having APIs or thinking to build one for other developers to use. As part of it, API needs some form of authentication to access it. In this article Ramesh Lingappa provides API Keys to access APIs and focuses on how to build it right.

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