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Updated 23 September 2020 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Greetings from API2Cart! We are back with our traditional API Digest edition. Here are the most interesting news from the world of APIs we’ve collected for you:

1. 7 Types Of API Business Models

 In this article Kristopher Sandoval provides seven common API business models for monetization. He also talks about their differences and points out some specific concerns and caveats that any API provider should consider when handling their monetization strategies.

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2. 5 Key Benefits of using an API in your Business

 Over 60% of people agree with the fact that the integration strategy is critical to any business. If we talk about API, it is a key technology that integrates business process. In this article, Quantumsoftech explains how API integration helps the business of any kind.

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3. 5 Rules to Good API Development

 In this blog post Brian Okinyi shares some ideas he took from the MLH Nyeri event on how to make good APIs. He provides the main rules to good API development and explains them in simple and concise manner.

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4. How to Secure APIs, the New Shadow IT

 API security is a top priority for organizations; however, many have not considered the implications or thought strategically about it. Keith Casey shares some top tips for both organizations and developers to help keep APIs secure.

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5. So you have lots of APIs and Microservices – now what?

 All API initiatives start with good intentions. Over time, however, they can get out of control if left unchecked. In this article James Higginbotham talks about three key disciplines that contribute to a healthy, managed API and microservice program.

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6. 5 Tips on How to Write Great API Documentation

 API documentation is what connects your developer experience with your customers. Writing great documentation takes time, and will most likely involve a lot of iteration and revision as your API grows and developers. James Gallagher outlines a few key tips you should remember when writing your API documentation.

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