API Digest #103: How to Build Secure API Strategy for the API Economy?

Published 29 October 2018 | Updated 12 September 2019 |

Welcome back to our API Digest series! We are continuing to deliver the most interesting news from the world of APIs via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. How to Build Secure API Strategy for the API Economy?

 An API is one way that businesses can increase the value of their offerings for customers. However, as this space grows and the number of players increases, so too are the number of dangers posed by the adoption of insecure APIs in the enterprise. Setu Kulkarni from WhiteHat Security talks about the dangers of insecure APIs and security assessments developers should use.

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2. How Design Thinking Can Make Your Good API Amazing

 Applying design thinking to API design might sound like a lot of work, and to be perfectly honest, it is. In this article Melissa Pallotti shares these tools and principles will eliminate countless headaches down the road.

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3. Microservices and API, a comparison!

 There is a lot of debate on the interchange of wordplay between API and Microservices. Nishant Jee provides a simplistic overview of each terminology and answers the question on how API and Microservices are related to each other.

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4. Designing a Great API: Consistency and Conveyance

 Good API design will always require developers to balance functionality, simplicity, consistency, and conveyance. In this article Ted Spence focuses on the two Cs and explains how they impact API design.

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5. API Documentation Guidelines

 An API without a good user manual is next to useless. This article by ClickHelp will give you the idea of what should be included in technical documentation for an API, and what you should pay attention to.

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6. What Are Your Enterprise API Capabilities?

 While each individual engineer might be aware of the capabilities present on their team, without group wide, and comprehensive API discovery across an organization, the extent of the enterprise capabilities is rarely known. Read more about it in this article by Kin Lane.

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