Updated 8 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

After a two-week pause, we are back to share the most juicy API-related articles of the recent while. Take a 2-minute break to enjoy the API Digest reviewing the most interesting posts and events.

The freshest piece of writing we have come across turned out to be an introduction of Mills in REST API Design by Ali Kheyrollahi. Read to learn what it is and why ‘this is not the same as an RPC endpoint.’

Alan Frye, an Enterprise Architect at Benefitfocus, has provided a detailed insight into anatomy of an API. Apart from a well-written and well-structured text, you will find schemes to make the comprehension even easier.

API security has been an up topic, and Nordic APIs has contributed to the number of articles telling about it as well. Kristopher Sandoval posted a chivalry-inspired piece of writing revealing the 4 defenses of the API stronghold:

  • Authentication: Identity
  • Authorization: Access Level
  • Federation: Reusing Credentials & Spreading Resources
  • Delegation: The Signet of (Limited) Power

One more Nordic APIs article to be mentioned in this week’s API Digest is What is The Future of the API Space? by Jennifer Riggins. Such API virtuosos and API business founders as Kin Lane, Mark O’Neill, John Sheehan, John Musser, and James Higginbotham give their expert opinions to make a brilliant blog post that is definitely worth your attention.

Mulesoft has hosted a webinar, “So You Want to Set Up an API Strategy: Now What?” which covered such topics as:

  • API-first approach to design
  • Key criteria for an API management solution
  • The full API lifecycle - from development to governance
  • Trends in API development
  • How APIs are delivering real business value to the enterprise

The good news is that the webcast is available on their website and can be seen here.

Olivier Hervieu, a Software engineer at Tinyclues, has shared his very positive view on how an API could benefit from Hypermedia. Read and find out more.

In his recent article, Mateu Aguiló Bosch, a Senior Developer at Lullabot, speaks about APIs as communication interfaces. Click on Beyond Decoupling: The Inherent Virtues of an API if you would like to find out more on the topic.

That is it for this week’s API Digest. Come back next week to find more engrossing API-related articles reviewed for you.

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