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Updated 13 July 2021 | Lexy Mayko

After seven days of missing you, this week’s API Digest is here again. We have much smart and amusing for you to look through.

Having been looking for something breezy to read? Matthew Reinbold has written a blog post on why API governance is necessary that will meet the requirement. What do favela and planned communities have to do with it? Read to enjoy the explanations.

API Handyman delights with his new remarkable post. The comics Do you really know why you prefer REST over RPC? begins with is followed by three pertinent questions: Why should I consider REST’s request style (resource oriented) better than RPC’s (operation oriented)? Is RPC’s request style so evil? Is REST’s the panacea? Be sure to find the answers in the piece.

Goodbye, SaaS — hello, Containers-as-a-Service by Peter Yared has met much criticism in the comment section below the article. Why? Click and find out.

Preeti Lovekar and Simon Lemay have graciously shared a recorded version of an IOT platform seminar. The video contains the discussion of the major components of an IOT platform, dos and don’ts when building APIs for them, common pitfalls and solutions using open source tools and standards.

The sixth part of the Building Effective API Programs blog post series has been posted on 3scale blog. Manfred Bortenschlager speaks about API Operations and presents API Operations Donut. Confused? Get clear-headed here.

Tomash Sidey, a Tech Lead at API2Cart, has delved into HTTP/2 and its effect on REST APIs. The article met much reader love and was reviewed on programmableweb. Do not miss a chance to read it. 🙂

Such are the pieces we believe to be the most interesting this week. Have any suggestions to be added in the next API Digest? Feel free to contact us.

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