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Updated 13 July 2021 | Lexy Mayko

To prevent the world of APIs from becoming alien to you, this week’s API Digest is here with a new portion of smart writing and news. Let us get to the fun part.

It has been 2 months since Mashape released Kong, an open-source API management layer. And here they are, unleashing another ‘monster’, this time, an analytics platform for monitoring, visualizing and inspecting API traffic. For more details on the features of the service, click here.

About a month ago, a new series of articles focusing on three key areas of "meta-language" for Web APIs: API Description, API Discovery, and API Profiles started on InfoQ. The APIs.json Discovery Format: Potential Engine in the API Economy is the most recent part written by Kin Lane. Some other readworthy pieces of the series are:

The upcoming ones are:

  • Profiles on the Web: An Interview with Erik Wilde
  • Programming with Semantic Profiles : In the land of magic strings, the profile-aware is king
  • A Resource Guide to API Description, Discovery, and Profiles

Kristopher Sandoval keeps writing for Nordic APIs. This time, he focuses on whether or not to develop a first-party API or integrate with an existent or contracted third-party API. According to him, the choice is not so hard to do if certain factors are taken into consideration. Read First or Third Party APIs? to find out what they are.

Prefer Java over other programming languages? Claire Hunsaker gives five practical tips for building your Java API.

With all the buzz surrounding IoT, it's fair to assert we are in the midst of another shift in computing. Learn more about what's to come in Leif Bildoy’s Why APIs Are Critical for IoT Success.

Max Novakovic believes you will never guess which API documentation tools they (Lateral) use. Read the blog post to find out if the ones they use to create their documentation are really those you would never guess.

API copyright protection has been an issue. Jennifer Riggins dwells on this in her contributed article for ProgrammableWeb and reveals what the Oracle v. Google case means for the API economy.

Nordic APIs have released their fourth e-book entitled “The API Lifecycle”. Click here to find details and here to download it directly.

That is it for this week. Come back next Monday to find more engrossing API-related articles reviewed for you. And feel free to suggest articles you believe should be included into the next API Digest by sending us an email. 🙂

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