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Updated 19 May 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

One-third of this year’s summer has passed by in a blur, but we are not sad at all. To keep you from going blue, this week’s API Digest starts with green.

How much do you know about green APIs? Bill C. Doerrfeld will tell you more in his Green APIs Promote Sustainability and Climate Action.

A marvelous video presentation has appeared on InfoQ. Watch Welcome to the Internet of Things, By the Way Privacy Is Dead by Kate Carruthers to hear about some of the privacy challenges and security issues introduced by the Internet of Things.

Brian Pagano has assembled a list of the top five things to avoid with API management to help companies forbear some very common mistakes that are often made when getting started with APIs. Right there he also features Apigee special edition e-book, “APIs for Dummies”. If you would like to know what is inside before actually reading it, check out its review here.

API copyright protection continues being an issue. David Berlind, the editor-in-chief of ProgrammableWeb, has shared a piece of news on the case of Oracle vs. Google. Read Supreme Court Delivers Major Blow to API Economy in Copyright Ruling to find out more.

In his recent article for ProgrammableWeb, Brian Krausz explains why it’s OK to design imperfect APIs. Intrigued? Click here to go to the post.

“If you're building REST APIs, you will eventually have to deal with Content Negotiation”, says Mark Mark Seemann. To find the words explained, read his REST implies Content Negotiation.

In API Design Considerations for The Internet of Things, Jennifer Riggins dwells on how to create effective API design in the IoT space. The points she covers are:

  • What Exactly Is the Internet of Things?
  • How Will the Internet of Things Shape API Design?
  • How to Address the Challenges of IoT With Proper API Design
  • Characteristics of the Internet of Things That Have Solutions
  • Characteristics of the Internet of Things That You Have to Work to Overcome
  • API Design Decisions for the Internet of Things

API2Cart has released “27 Tools for API Developers”, a FREE white paper overviewing tools that will facilitate your API development routine. Those are grouped into such categories as:

  • browser extensions
  • testing & debugging solutions
  • API tooling options
  • documentation generators
  • other worthy tools for API development

Have a great, splendid, amazing week, and do not forget to suggest articles for API Digest by sending us an email.

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