API Digest #33: Stop Comparing JSON and XML

Published 7 December 2015 | Updated 11 June 2020 |

api digest

It’s been two weeks since the previous API Digest came out, and all this time we’ve been eager to share more! Finally, the time has come, so welcome and enjoy :)

Stop Comparing JSON and XML! These things are not comparable. Or at least that is what Yegor Bugayenko believes to be true. Take the chance to find out why and join the discussion in the comment section by seeing the article.

While many sincerely believe in the power of API, Sam Gerstenzang wonders what’s an API good for, anyway? No less interesting is the talk below the piece actually.

Thursday Bram knows what discussion we need to have at APIStrat. It’s all about APIs touching surprisingly few lives or how ‘getting out of the building’ can end in leaving the world a little better than we found it.

Missed out on APIStrat? No worries, Guillaume Laforge has prepared a recap on it for you. A few other presentations you might find interesting to have a look at are the following ones:

It’s the last month of the year 2015, so predictions for what the next one holds start to appear. Yves de Montcheuil has shared Restlet’s Official 2016 Predictions for APIs. What are yours?

Designing evolvable APIs for the web is no problem for Pedro Félix. He has started sharing his knowledge and experience in a series of articles on the topic. Two out of three posts are ready for you to read on the Nordic APIs blog, one telling about interaction and another one delving into identification.

Do not miss more enjoyable pieces such as those listed below:

Just in case you feel like reading about IoT more, check out Why It Is Important to Build Long-Lasting APIs: IoT Perspective