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API Digest is here again with the traditional at-a-glance survey of interesting and useful API news, articles and insights of the last fortnight. In today’s issue you will find a brief overview of the following themes: why developers don’t like writing docs, APIs fuel a cultural shift in businesses, a big shift in Saas, reasons for thoroughly testing your API, role of APIs for the startups and more.

As software proliferates every corner of a business, IT is being crushed by project demands from business users who require applications and data to be always available and always connected. As a result, IT can no longer meet the demand by simply running faster on the hamster wheel. It’s impossible to keep up. But don’t panic, Ross Mason knows how to sort it out. Check out his article A modern-day Renaissance: APIs fuel a cultural shift in businesses for the answer.

Writing a good documentation is important. Even though developers understand that, they don’t like writing it. Nik Wakelin discusses why it is so and what can be done about it as well as how to improve the process of writing docs.

Evolution from software as a service as a displacer to a disruptor is the next big shift in SaaS. Disruptive companies change the way a buyer thinks about solving their need, claims Tomasz Tunguz.

Business is increasingly relying on APIs. Yet, unlike most mission critical business applications, the delivery of APIs is rarely industrialized the way modern software delivery is.

These days, APIs need to be strong. They need to be versatile to change, and must triumph in the face of malicious schemes hackers use to disrupt core systems. But how does a provider consistently maintain security across their API platform? Check out Bill C. Doerrfeld’s article, where he makes a walksthrough of APIware's sapience API security validation tool.

What is the API for YOUR startup?”, - asks Alex Iskold.  He suggests thinking about your business as an API, as it allows you to gain a great deal of clarity about what your business actually does and why.

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #120 and #121 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

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