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Updated 17 July 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Hello to all API enthusiasts! Here is our fresh survey of recent API-related news and articles. In API Digest #58, you can find a brief overview of the following articles:

  • 5 traits of successful API project managers
  • Leverage public APIs to make your system better
  • Four API errors that are subtle but expensive
  • Why the API Economy needs evolution, not revolution
  • Webhooks do's and dont's: what we learned after integrating 100+ APIs
  • Why microservices need an API gateway
  • API best practices: support

The API industry is blooming. Your next promotion might lead you to a career in API design or project management. Do you have what it takes to leverage the API economy in your career?

Based on hundreds of discussions that Restlet executives have had with companies deploying API strategies, Jerome Louvel singled out 5 traits of successful API project managers that may surprise you.

The modern developer can use public APIs for better system development and implementation, enabling truly rewarding and powerful end results.Kristopher Sandoval has taken some popular public APIs as showcases of how companies can leverage public APIs to make their system better.

Though APIs are critical to many platforms, they don't get nearly the amount of QA attention that web sites or apps receive. Patrick Poulin have spotted 4 major API issues that are surprisingly subtle but expensive.

“The successful adoption of technological advances requires evolution not revolution,” - believes Ellie Burns. In her article “Why the API Economy needs evolution, not revolution”, she delves into the API Economy with Hugo D'Ulisse, discussing technical debt, adoption challenges and the role of the API Economy within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Giuliano Iacobelli, co-founder of Stamplay, has shared his knowledge and vast experience on using Webhooks in the article “Webhooks do's and dont's: what we learned after integrating +100 APIs”.

With the growth of API-centric IT initiatives, API gateways and management layers are common place. What about applying API gateway for microservices? James Higginbotham believes that it is a good idea and Microservices do need an API gateway.

“Supporting your API community may seem obvious, but this is one of the most common elements missing from API providers,” -  believes Kin Lane. There are many proven approaches to supporting API communities, and Kin Lane looks at the best ones in the article “API best practices: Support”.

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #137 and #138 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

See you in a fortnight! In the meanwhile, send us article suggestions and ideas. Either way, we are happy to hear from you. 🙂

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