API Digest #96: What Are API Integrations? 5 Ways They Help Businesses Thrive

Published 25 June 2018 | Updated 15 September 2020 |

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Following the old tradition, let’s start your week with a cup of coffee or tea, tasty breakfast and a portion of news. Well, cooking is not our job, but fresh news from the world of APIs via our digest we guarantee for you :). In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. How Bad Developer Portals Kill Apis

Kristof Van Tomme believes that developer portals should function as self-service hubs for APIs, allowing developers to access APIs without having to wait around for access keys or any additional information. In this article Art Anthony refers to him pointing out how useful a good developer portal can be for streamlining access to your API, as well as how failing to provide the appropriate documentation can seriously damage the experience of integrating with it.

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2. DZone Research: Keys to API Management

DZone asked 17 executives who are using APIs in their own organization the question "What do you see as the most important elements of managing and securing APIs?". Read this article by Tom Smith for their answers.

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3. GraphQL for Databases: A layer for Universal Database Access?

 GraphQL is a query language mostly used to streamline access to REST APIs. In this article George Anadiotis tells that now, a new breed of GraphQL implementations wants to build an abstraction layer for any database on top of GraphQL, and it seems to be catching up.

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4. API First

In the article Eric Dorsey denotes that one of the lessons he’s learned is that products that target businesses should be built API-first, particularly B2B SaaS. What this means is that you start by building the API for the product, the API isn’t an after-thought that gets added on when a customer wants to integrate.

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5. The Power of HTTP for REST APIs — PART 1

There are a variety of web frameworks and libraries that help us build and consume HTTP-based APIs quickly and easily. Whether you are new to HTTP or experienced, let’s remind ourselves of the power of HTTP to help us design robust REST-based APIs. In this article James Higginbotham examines what is useful for our APIs from the HTTP specification.

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6. What Are API Integrations? 5 Ways They Help Businesses Thrive

Businesses face complex technological demands, many of which they can satisfy with API integration. Read this article by Jive Communications to find out what is an API integration, the channel you may see APIs at work and the advantages offered by API integrations.

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