API Digest #99: Is REST Still a Relevant API Style?

Published 13 August 2018 | Updated 13 August 2018 |

Following the old tradition, let’s start your week with a cup of coffee or tea, tasty breakfast and a portion of API news. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. Is REST Still a Relevant API Style?

 What kind of API style should you be using? From SOAP, to REST, GraphQL, and new styles like gRPC, there are many competing standards for designing APIs and the way consumers interact with them. In this article Bill Doerrfeld puts “popularity contests” aside and considers API styles from the viewpoint of what’s best for API consumers.

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2. Guys, REST APIs are not Databases

 One of the common mistakes developers make regarding REST APIs is to associate them with database concepts and miss the whole point of REST. Thiago Marini defines what REST API really is and how it should be built.

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3. 7 Steps For Building Successful API Products

 Building APIs with the end consumer in mind is the foundation of product thinking. In order to develop a product-driven, consumer-centric approach Keshav Vasudevan proposes a simple framework for thinking about your entire API development and delivery.

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4. How APIs Make Marketing Data Analysis and Reporting Infinitely Easier

 APIs are especially becoming useful as today’s companies gather more and more data from consumers. Big data enables predictive analytics; meaning that you can analyze and try to predict what consumers will want before they even realize what they need. Ryan Gould denotes a few points to consider as we delve into the wonders of marketing data analysis using the power of APIs.

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5. A Brief, Opinionated History of the API

 In this video Joshua Bloch discusses the history of APIs and looks at a few prominent examples with an eye to distilling their essence. He concludes with a brief discussion of the current legal status of APIs, and what it means for software professionals.

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6. API Hospitality: Welcoming Developers with Documentation

 What is API Hospitality? And how does this relate to your documentation? Why do people use API documentation? In this article by Heidi Waterhouse you will find answers to these and other questions.

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