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Updated 13 July 2021 | Lexy Mayko

A good many of fascinating API blog posts came out in the recent while, and API Digest is here to let you know about some of them. We are starting with an imaginative one.

Last week, Kristopher Sandoval made our day with a beautiful tale presented on Nordic APIs blog. A Tale of Four API Designs: Dissecting Common API Architectures will take you into the magical world of API approaches and introduce four primary architectural design styles each having their history and experience.

Janet Wagner, a contributing author to ProgrammableWeb, has explained why API calls are the new web hits and how developer experience can make or break your API.

Stephen Mizell has written a brilliant piece telling about a different approach to API design. Read Decoupling the Mind of the API Designer to find out what a better way to think about APIs is.

If you would like to read something inspiring, the next blog post is what you need. Mike Amundsen has interviewed Tony Tam, a man you may know as the force behind Swagger and the founder of Reverb.

On his personal blog, Sam Placette, a Software Developer at MapMyFitness, has shared a post comparing five JSON REST API link formats. The ones he included are:

  • RFC 5988, Web Linking
  • HAL, JSON Hypertext Application Language
  • Collection+JSON
  • JSON Hyper-Schema
  • Home Document Format

Protobuf instead of JSON communicate with a frontend? Vincent Prouillet has tried this out so that you can see what a client/server using Protobuf would look like.

API Handyman has appeared on Nordic APIs blog presenting an article answering the question, should every company consider providing an API? Read to find:

  • common myths surrounding APIs
  • developing an internal API as a first crucial step with many benefits (from both the IT department and company perspectives)
  • providing APIs to others as the next step
  • an important conclusion

Come back in a week to find more articles reviewed for you. If you would like to suggest an article to be listed in the next API Digest, feel free to do this by emailing us.

Let your week be a fairy tale. 😉

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