API Digest: Grab Your Chance to Win an API Hackathon

Published 22 June 2015 | Updated 8 May 2020 |

api digest

If you would not mind reading some smart stuff on the beautiful day of summer, take a look at this week’s API Digest. Get informed of both fresh articles and an exceptional occasion to make the upcoming days special.

Restlet have announced Summer of APIs, a virtual hackathon for API fans. The jury members of the event are Kin Lane (API Evangelist), Guillaume Laforge, and Craig Oda. Find more details in Swann Vichot’s post.

In case you have been wondering what to use, OAuth or SSO (Single Sign-On), Randall Degges has shared a piece on the topic. OAuth Is Not Single Sign-On explains when to choose one over the other and vice versa.

Jennifer Riggins has programmablewebbed an article revealing 5 ways to increase API adoption. Before actually exposing the right formula, she dwells on such points as:

  • how to partner your API
  • how to sell your API
  • how to market your API
  • how to build a community around your API
  • how to open your API up

How To Understand Your Target API Consumer is another marvelous piece written by Bill Doerrfeld, the Editor in Chief for Nordic APIs. The value of the article lies in its being underpinned by the real-life experience of a number of experts in the field.

Kristopher Sandoval keeps delighting us with his posts for Nordic APIs. This time, he speaks about 3 Strategies For Developing Microservices, namely:

  • Lean Strategy
  • Verbose Development
  • Two-Speed IT

Being a developer involves writing about what they do, and this is what Eric Stewart talks about in Writing Like a Developer. Read to find some common communication activities exemplified and some experience given out.

Every week, Bill Brantley blogs about government APIs and the latest API news and trends. This time, the API Briefing showcases the challenge of government’s dark data.

Such were the hot blog posts and news we wanted to mention in this API Digest. Come back next week for more. And feel free to suggest API-related articles by emailing us.