Updated 9 July 2024 | Anastasia Kholod

Just 15 years ago app development sounded like something complex and distant, and nowadays we commonly discuss the features and techniques to improve it. Just recently software devs were the only ones to know about the APIs. Nowadays, the API economy is highly important and every IT player understands how it can contribute to the firm’s purposes.

So, API integration is a new must for app development and no one can afford to ignore it. Therefore, I suggest looking through the core points concerning the current state of API integration.

1. REST vs SOAP Battle Continues

While many have already built a graveyard for SOAP, the statistics reveal the time has not come yet. Remarkably, at least 15% of APIs are based on that format. While the majority still obviously prefers REST, SOAP cannot be ignored. If you’d like to learn more when it’s better to use REST or SOAP, do not hesitate to reach an infographic we’ve shared on our blog.

2. APIs Keep a Steady Upward Trend

According to ProgrammableWeb, during the last years the number of APIs rocketed by 758%. Obviously, such a fulminant tempo brings new challenges to app developers and multiple combinations of APIs form a new tech reality.

3. The Greatest Challenges About API Technologies

  • Security concerns were voted as a top issue by 41% of respondents;
  • 39% desire for an easier integration process between tools;
  • Almost quarter of respondents admitted the need for standardization, composability, and scalability;
  • 17% and 9% stated authentication and versioning as the greatest challenge respectively

4. Webhooks are of High Demand

80 out of 100 developers would prefer webhooks for event notifications rather than any other method. Yet only 30% of APIs use webhooks, most commonly they return data in JSON and belong to marketing automation or eCommerce industry. By the way, check out API2Cart webhooks. If you still do not benefit from using webhooks, make sure you read the article on how they perfectly complement APIs.

5. APIs in the eCommerce Industry

eCommerce is among top-5 industries where the demand for APIs is the highest. Especially called-for integrations in eCommerce space are ones with shopping carts. But as long as each shopping platform is unique, it takes much time and money to understand the logic and build each integration. Consequently, it is a good practice to use iPaaS (integration platform as a service) software like API2Cart. It is a unified API which gives you a possibility to communicate with 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces. In case you get interested, contact us or sign up to test it for free.

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