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Updated 30 October 2023 | Lexy Mayko

The process of online retailing is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It consists of many operations that, in many cases, become too difficult for e-merchants to cope with on their own. One of them is shipping. It is the process of transportation products from the supplier or seller to the customer. As it is the central part of every eCommerce business and the software solutions in this niche are pretty demandable. It makes sense to build your B2B solution in this field and start getting money from it.

BigCommerce shipping integration is a must for every shipping management software provider. Especially for the start-up companies that work in this sphere. We recommend you pay attention to the development of the connection with BigCommerce because it may bring a lot of possibilities for your business.

BigCommerce powers a huge amount of webstores. The e-merchants that use this platform also need to automate their shipping operations with shipping management solutions like yours. So, having the smooth integration with BigCommerce, you'll be able to propose your software to those who base their stores on it.

Let's dive deeper into the aspects of developing the integration between your shipping management software and BigCommerce platform.

Shipping Systems and the Main Challenges of Such B2B Services

A shipping management system helps e-merchants to pick, pack and ship all ordered products to their customers. It exempts them from many problems and facilitates in providing their clients with an excellent service.

Suppose you decide to build a successful shipping software or already running one and need to process customers’ orders and automate tracking operations. In that case, you need to retrieve different info on orders and customer details from your clients' stores. Only by having these data at your disposal, you will be competent to provide e-retailers with the service they want to get.

The problem that hinders a shipping system's success is that e-retailers build their online stores on different shopping platforms. Each of such platforms has its specific way of data storage. That means you’ll need to develop a separate integration module for each shopping cart solution. It is necessary if you need to retrieve the info on products, orders, and customers’ details. But before you begin, you need to choose one or a few shopping platforms to start working with first. Consider taking a closer look at BigCommerce.

More about the BigCommerce API

BigCommerce is one of the major eСommerce platform on the industry's top list. Its API has a unified interface and is easy to use. However, like all the APIs of shopping platforms, BigCommerce API has several features that make it unique. BigCommerce REST API is one of the most effective in managing different types of data, for example:

  • adding or updating various product data;
  • updating existing coupons and adding new ones;
  • updating or changing customers’ order details;
  • managing account details;

You can refer to their full list in the API Reference section on the left at the bottom of the documentation. Moreover, each method has different purposes and properties.

Why to Develop BigCommerce Shipping Integration

BigCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce solutions that web store owners widely use all over the world. It’s a vast platform that powers over 150,000 successful e-stores, according to BuiltWith. Therefore, integration with this shopping platform will significantly expand your potential clients' circle and enhance your business.

BigCommerce shipping integration development allows your software to get access to all the data from BigCommerce databases. You will be able to update, add and delete the info on products, customers, orders, shipments, etc. Without such connection, you won't be able to provide your service features to BigCommmerce e-merchants.

However, the development of integration with BigCommerce has some difficulties. In other words, the thing to be aware of here is that getting connected to any shopping platform is not easy:

  • Developing integration with only one eCommerce platform, like BigCommerce, requires about one month to research information and study it.
  • Integration development is difficult and you should work with experienced developers who can ensure the success of the process. Unfortunately, these developers can charge from $3000 to more than $5 000 per month for different integrations. In addition, they are difficult to find.
  • Once the integration is complete, it is necessary to ensure that the process constantly improves and that any troubles are solved as soon as possible. It requires additional money, time and resources.

In addition, without such integration, your solution will not be able to access and operate data from online stores placed on its basis. Store information usually includes products, orders, customers, delivery, taxes, prices, etc.

How to Develop BigCommerce Integration With Minimum Efforts

The development of BigCommerce shipping integration can bring significant benefits to your business. However, configuring it is not easy without the help of qualified developers or specialized solutions.

API2Cart is a reliable service that makes it possible to shipping management systems to successfully pass by the challenges related to establishing a connection with shopping platforms. The service provides software owners with a unified API to simultaneously integrate with BigCommerce and 40+ other shopping platforms. API2Cart enables connecting to such eCommerce leaders as Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, VirtueMart, and others.

shipping_integration (1)

With the help of API2Cart, you can execute BigCommerce shipping integration and establish a connection with other leading shopping platforms via one integration. What possibilities will you get after you finished it? You will be able to use all API2Cart API methods and do the following easily:

  • Retrieve all the info on orders, products, customers, tracking numbers, and shipping addresses from the webstores built on BigCommerce or any other platform
  • Sync the data within your system and use it to process orders and automate tracking
  • Create shipments and generate shipping labels
  • Monitor and sync inventory levels

In case you’re interested in integrating your shipping management system with BigCommerce and 40 other top shopping platforms, give a try to API2Cart. If any questions appeared in your mind, do not hesitate to schedule a сonsultation, and our expert will contact you and answer all of them.

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