How to Create Your Own API

Updated 11 August 2022 | Anastasia Kholod

API2Cart continues to collect the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our fortnightly digest. So grab a cup of coffee and start your week with another issue. In today’s digest:


1. Design Thinking and Wicked Problems for APIs

Ash Hathaway shares her experience as a former developer turned product manager for APIs, and how design thinking helped her team solve difficult technical problems. She describes APIs as a user-centric experience and suggests to use empathy maps as well as divergent/convergent thinking.

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2. API friction

Bruno Pedro, a web and cloud-computing technologist from Spain, is sharing his thoughts regarding what can cause the API friction. The list can be used as a checkpoint to reduce the friction of your service.

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3. 5 things to do before taking your private API public

The amount of private APIs considerably exceeds public ones. And we shouldn’t assume that any private API is ready to become public. James Higginbotham is helping to prepare for the API coming out.

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4. 4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Leaping into an Open API Project

Open APIs serve as the foundation for an open banking strategy. But as important as open API projects are for the future of banking, you can’t just dive in head first. Rolin Zumaran, a president of OpenLegacy, is asking four questions which might help you prepare your organization for rapid digital transformation.

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5. The Art and Personalization of The API Documentation Experience

Devoting time to visualize the entire documentation experience can help elevate a boring technical document into a piece of art. Ash Hathaway collates the most fundamental best practices for API documentation and offers new perspectives on developer portal customization.

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6. Why your API may be a better investment than your App

Jim Heising compares modern mobile apps to boutique stores — each one striving to be unique, creative, bespoke, and memorable. On the other hand, there are APIs. They still provide functionality and services to users, but in a more open and universal way. If you are willing to learn some arguments in favor of generating revenue through APIs, reach the article.

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7. 20 Tutorials on How to Create Your Own API (Sorted by Programming Language)

RapidAPI has collected a pure treasure for anyone wishing to create his own API. 20 tutorials include the most basic instructions for Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Go, Java, Elixir and ASP.NET.

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8. The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your API

Money questions are usually the most tickling. In this guest post by RapidAPI you will different monetization and pricing models along with useful tips and tricks. All the data mentioned in the post was collected by the authors after benchmarking 1,800 APIs.

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9. Why Marketers Should Care About APIs

The times when APIs were considered the techie-thing has passed. Nowadays marketers must be ready to move their content where your consumers will go. And APIs will enable apps to exchange data and give marketers access needed to act quickly on it at scale.

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