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For e-retailers, an inventory management software offers a chance to get more control over inventory and stock up in accordance with orders. To execute these primary responsibilities, inventory software needs to have insightful data about e-store products units, clients, orders as well as many more action based information which is saved in various eCommerce platforms. For such systems, therefore, it’s vital that there be seamless integration with shopping platforms and marketplaces.

The majority of inventory management software use API for integration with other apps. Through API, it will be possible, for instance, to retrieve or process data from external sources such as those from other eCommerce platforms.

In our article below, we will explore the process of inventory management API integration with some popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, and so on.

What Is the API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It consists of procedures, programs, and resources used by developers when building software applications, integrating existing applications with other systems or products. Through using APIs, an application can reach into another application/service and extract the data it requires.

API is important in modem software development and is applied in various services and applications.

Benefits of Using APIs:

  • Integration: Through APIs, it is possible to connect and exchange information with other systems in order to be connected and extend the application under consideration
  • Reusability: This is because there are available APIs which developer can use and therefore, they do not have to start everything afresh
  • Modularity: API enables modular development. One advantage of the API is that it supports independent development of various sections of the system provided that the developer’s work meets the requirements of the API
  • Security: APIs can be utilized to restrict access to sensitive data from external domain’s unwarranted application services which might have otherwise been a breach

What Is Inventory Management API?

eCommerce platforms' inventory management APIs give an opportunity to software developers to access and manage e-store inventory data and help e-retailers maintain their stock levels, monitor product availability, and improve supply processes.

Key Functions of Inventory Management APIs:

  • Product Information: The APIs allow developers to fetch product information such as title of the product, its description, price, and stock quantities
  • Stock Updates: With respect to individual products or variants of a product, developers can alter or adjust the number of stocks
  • Inventory Tracking: Through these APIs, developers are able to track the movement of goods, follow stock levels across many different sites and gather information on product stocks
  • Out-of-Stock Alerts: In some cases, APIs inform companies of nearing stockouts through alerts and notification before it happens for such firms to restock their goods
  • Bulk Operations: Many inventory management APIs support bulk action that enables companies to modify stock levels on several goods within one shot

Why Does Inventory Management Software Require Integration With eCommerce Platforms?

Inventory management software often requires integration with eCommerce platforms for several important reasons:

  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Integration guarantees the synchronization of the inventory management software and the stock levels in the eCommerce platform
  • Order Fulfillment Efficiency: An integrated inventory management software program connected to the eCommerce platform updates itself post each sales order, enabling businesses to maintain track of accurate stock levels at any given time. It enhances order fulfillment, has less manual data entry, and decreases the chances of shipping delays or stockouts
  • Multi-Channel Sales: There are several channels through which most businesses can sell their products, such as in-house, marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and brick-and-mortar. The inventory software integrated with different eCommerce platforms makes it possible. Thus, e-retailers can manage inventories at any channel by using one center. It balances the quantity of items for sale in different selling places, such as online and offline shops, thereby eliminating an oversupply situation
  • Data Accuracy: Moreover, integration ensures elimination of the occurrence of errors and inappropriate entries
  • Scale and Growth: Integration is crucial for inventory software businesses looking to scale and grow. The more integrations such solutions support, the more customers it can have

How To Use API2Cart for Easy eCommerce Integration Development?

With a hundred satisfied large companies and numerous developers, API2Cart has proven to be a reliable solution for easy integration with multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. It provides you with a unified API to access the database of BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Zen Cart, and many others.

inventory software integration via api2cart

Inventory software integration with eCommerce platforms via API2Cart will let you receive the data on and about e-store items offered for sale. You will also get up to dozens of API methods, which will let you find a lot of useful operations at your disposal. Be aware of the state of the stock and know when some products are in shortage with the help of real-time synchronization.

Usage of API2Cart API methods allows your inventory software to do such operations as:

  • tracking and importing new e-store orders from various shopping platforms into your system
  • updating orders on all e-retailers sales channels from one place
  • synchronizing inventory levels across different platforms
  • retrieving order updates and notifying your customers in no times
  • providing your clients with detailed reports and statistics

Don't hesitate to try API2Cart functionality by registering your free account on our service with the help of our specialists. Develop inventory management API integration with more than 40 eCommerce platforms easily and fast. 

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