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Updated 24 October 2022 |

Shipping software is an essential and useful tool for eCommerce businesses. It covers the tasks connected with order fulfillment, generating and printing of shipping labels, tracking shipments in real-time, etc.

Being a shipping software vendor, you need to provide your customers with the best experience. To streamline its working and be able to work with a high number of retailers, your solution has to be integrated with various shopping cart platforms. Developing eCommerce API integration makes it possible for shipping software providers to access all the data about products, customers, orders, shipments, etc. from the online stores.

Do you still doubt about developing a connection with multiple shopping platforms? This article will help you to get more information about eCommerce API integration for your shipping software.

What is API and How It Works?

There is always a medium between a sender and receiver to communicate with each other. An Application Programming Interface (API) is just the same medium. Basically, an API is a mediator that allows two applications to communicate with each other. It is an interface that delivers the request of one application to the other and then carries along with the response with it to the requesting one. It creates connectivity between the two systems that allows streamlined transmission of data between them.

The benefit of using an API is that the developers do not necessarily need to create code. It enables them to reuse the complex components of processes very easily with little coding. This, in turn, increases the speed of application development and building the connection with various shopping platforms.

The Importance of eCommerce API Integration for Shipping Software

Shipping API Integration

Shipping Software API Integration

Explore how to develop the integration between your shipping software and eCommerce platforms easily.


eCommerce API integration plays a vital role for shipping software providers. It allows connecting with different shopping platforms and marketplaces using their APIs.

Shipping software requires access to order, product, and customer information from the online stores to carry out its vital functions. Certain operations such as order fulfillment, stock control, updating order status, shipment monitoring, etc. participate in the process of shipping. All of them are not possible for the shipping software without an API connection.

If the shipping software integrates with shopping cart platforms, accessing and processing of orders becomes easier.

For you, like a shipping software vendor, it is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the software to your customers. Shopping platform API integration for your shipping software forms the base of a robust system that allows automating retailers' operations. Also, the quality of integration decides how evenly the data is synced from the online stores. Because most of the functions of a shipping management system depend on the data from e-stores, it is crucial to access such information beforehand.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of eCommerce shipping software vendors looking for a solution to connect their systems with shopping platforms and marketplaces. All the integration issues can be easily solved with the unified API offered by API2Cart.

How to Avoid API Integration Difficulties

Due to the complexities and technical processes involved, integrations make the most tedious part of development. A lot of difficulties are associated with API integration. Have a look at the list:

  • It will take at least 4-12 weeks to complete just one integration. For you, like a shipping solution vendor, it is required to have a connection with various shopping cart software to provide the best customer experience. Therefore, you can estimate the total time of the development of multiple integrations.
  • The cost of developing each integration is enormous. You will have to spend a few thousand dollars for qualified developers for their investigations, building the API integration, and its further maintenance.
  • Shopping platform versions updates continuously. So, be ready to add an extra amount to your budget needed for the upgrades of your integrations.
  • The most crucial matter of concern is the skills of the developer. You'll need to hire a team of professional developers that have a work experience connected with the building integrations with at least the most popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, etc. It is not an easy task.

You can avoid all the pain points of API integration by using API2Cart.

API2Cart provides a unified API that can connect your shipping software with more than 40 shopping platforms and marketplaces at once. You'll be able to work with data from e-stores based on Wix, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, 3dCart, eBay. Amazon, etc.

In short, if you integrate your shipping software with API2Cart and use all the required API methods for your business needs, you can leverage the following benefits:

  • Import orders from a variety of sales channels
  • Gather info on orders, customers, products, tracking numbers and shipping addresses
  • Update tracking info and order statuses
  • Create shipping labels

If you have any questions connected with shopping platform API integration for shipping software via API2Cart, contact our manager by phone, chat, or email. We work for you 24/7.

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