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Updated 26 June 2024 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Wix is a popular website builder that lets users create their own online stores. It has a market share of over 43% (according to BuiltWith) and is popular in over 190 countries. Wix is used by over 7 million store owners worldwide, and the number of online stores continues to grow. Integration with this shopping platform can significantly increase the profit of various software providers, including shipping systems.

Most of its features depend on data from online stores. As clients build their stores on different platforms, it needs to integrate with as many shopping platforms as possible. So, implementing Wix shipping integration is an excellent opportunity for shipping software to succeed and become competitive.

In this blog post, you will discover more about the issues of developing Wix shipping integration and an easy way to implement it.

The Importance of eCommerce Integration for Shipping Software Vendors

As a shipping software provider, connecting to various eCommerce platforms used by your target niche is essential. There are several reasons for this:

First, it allows you to provide a comprehensive shipping solution for your customers. Having access to store data, you can implement the functionalities to work with orders, products, shipments, customers, etc.

Second, it gives you access to a broader range of potential customers. You're limiting your potential customer base if you're only connected to one or two platforms. But if you're connected to a variety of platforms, you can reach a much wider range of customers.

Third, it allows you to stay ahead of the competition. If your competitors are only connected to one or two platforms, they're at a disadvantage compared to you. But if you're integrated with a variety of platforms, you'll be able to stay one step ahead.

Aspects of Wix Shipping Integration

As we mentioned before Wix is a very popular eCommerce platform among online store owners. Its customer base continues to grow due to the platform's simple and intuitive structure.

For software providers, the integration with Wix can bring the following benefits:

  • Customer base increase. By integrating with Wix, software providers can tap into a customer base of more than 7 million store owners.

  • Expand market share. Wix is popular in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and many others. So, such integration allows eCommerce software companies to tap into new markets and reach a larger audience.

  • Increase profits. Integrating with Wix can significantly increase revenue and profits for your business. More customers mean more profits.

For you, as a shipping software provider, Wix integration can also be beneficial to be ahead of your competitors.

However, developing integration with Wix is a long-term process. It involves constant improvements and bug fixes. Luckily, there is an alternative to hiring a team of developers.

With API2Cart, you can avoid all the integration difficulties. It provides a unified API to integrate your software with 40+ eCommerce platforms and marketplaces in no time. In addition, the service works on maintenance and constantly updates the integration.

Challenges Related to Developing Wix Integration

If you are not using an integration solution and developing Wix integration in-house, you may cope with several challenges. First, custom integrations can be expensive because they require devoting resources from your core business to implement integrations with the necessary eCommerce platforms. In addition, there are other problems:

  1. It takes a lot of time to complete each integration. Developing the Wix integration may take several weeks, if not longer. Your developer will need to learn the Wix API's logic and architecture to create a seamless integration. In addition, it will be necessary to reduce bugs and ensure smooth functionality.

  2. Integration requires a massive effort, experience, and knowledge.

  3. If you are not using a ready-made system, you will have to hire developers to build the integration for you. This can be expensive, especially if you have a small team of developers.

  4. One more potential downside is that Wix is constantly changing, making it hard to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and ensure that your integration remains compatible.

However, Wix shipping integration is still valuable for shipping providers. The integration development process can be simplified by using a third-party integration provider like API2Cart.

How to Easily Develop Wix Shipping Integration

No matter how terrifying it may sound, connecting your software with Wix can not be complicated. Thanks to API2Cart's integration solution, you can get a robust integration within days and offer your shipping management services to customers who built their stores on Wix.

To use API2Cart functionality, you have to register your free account. After that, you will need to add your customers’ stores that are built on Wix. Once you do that, you will be able to see all the available data. It includes the info about orders, products, etc.

Currently, API2Cart allows your software to work with the following data for Wix integration:

  • for working with orders: order.count / list / info / add / abandoned.list

  • for working with products: product.list / count / info / find / child_item.list

  • for working with customers: customer.list / count / info / find / add / update

  • for working with categories: category.list / count / info / find

When your shipping software has integration with eCommerce platforms like Wix you can implement features like order import, order status updates, shipping label creation, shipping tasks customization, reports creation, and many more.


API2Cart supports more than 100 API methods that allow your shipping software to access and manage Wix data. You can also check out our API documentation for more information.


Developing Wix shipping integration can bring significant benefits to your software. However, it is not easy to develop without the help of professional developers or an API integration solution like API2Cart.

API2Cart offers flexible pricing and a 30-day trial period. You can try API2Cart for free right now and see how it allows implementing Wix shipping integrations. If you want to learn more about how API2Cart can help you get an edge over your competitors and gain a competitive advantage in the shipping management software industry, do not hesitate to contact us.

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