Wix Shipping Software Integration

Updated 24 November 2022 |

Shipping management software is a vital tool for online businesses that rely on efficient, smooth logistics operations. This software helps e-retailers streamline everything from order processing to tracking and delivery, allowing them to stay on top of their shipments at every step. There are many different shipping software programs available, but they all need to be integrated with shopping platforms such as Wix to be effective for e-retailers.

Wix shipping software integration makes it easy for such types of solutions to access the data associated with orders, prices, e-store customer details, etc., across all Wix-powered stores. This article will explore the main benefits of developing a connection between your shipping software and the Wix platform and show you how to integrate your shipping software with it.

The Main Features of Shipping Management Software

At its core, a shipping system is designed to improve compliance, reduce shipping costs, and become a valuable asset in the shipping process. By effectively managing eCommerce business's shipping operations, these systems help e-retailers to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

One of the most important functions of shipping software is helping e-retailers to calculate shipping charges for each order, taking into account factors such as size, weight, and distance. This not only improves accuracy and efficiency in the shipping process but also helps to maximize profits by ensuring that charging customers is fair for all deliveries.

Other critical functions of shipping management software include tracking shipments from beginning to end and providing real-time updates on the status of individual orders. This enables e-retailers to provide better customer service by ensuring that customers receive their products on time while giving greater control over their shipping processes and making it easier to manage large volumes of orders.

In short, with the help of an effective shipping system and associated software tools, eCommerce businesses can eliminate inefficiencies in their shipping processes and unlock new value across the entire organization.

Any shipping software used by e-retailers depends on the data it can get from e-stores built using various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. One of the most popular shopping platforms nowadays is Wix, so we will explore in detail how it works and how to develop Wix shipping software integration.

The Meaning of Wix Integration

Wix integration is a process of developing a connection between eCommerce software and the Wix platform. It allows retrieving, modification, adding and deleting data from the Wix online stores.

The Wix platform provides a RESTful API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) to access its store data, enabling you to retrieve and modify it via HTTP methods.

Wix provides eCommerce software companies with many benefits, including access to a large and growing customer base. BuiltWith reports that more than 8 million online stores use Wix, providing a huge opportunity for companies that develop integrations with the platform. In addition, integrating with Wix will enable eCommerce software companies to reach new customers in 190 countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and others.

Connecting with Wix customers and developing a reliable integration with this shopping platform can increase revenue for your software business.

Wix Integration Difficulties

Integrating a Wix platform can be a challenge for any eCommerce software company. Wix is constantly evolving, which means that keeping your integration up-to-date can be quite a difficult task.

In addition to the challenges of building and supporting Wix integration, there are also costs associated with it. Integrating Wix with other systems can be costly to develop and maintain, but the benefits of having a Wix integration can be really significant.

Additionally, Wix integration can provide a unified user experience for end users, making it easier for them to access the info and tools they need. For companies that are considering building a Wix integration, weighing the costs and benefits is essential before making a decision.

Wix Shipping Software Integration Development

API2Cart is pleased to announce that Wix shipping software integration development via its unified API is now available.

Using API2Cart unified API, you can integrate your shipping software simultaneously with 40+ other shopping platforms while performing integration with Wix. In addition, with the help of API2Cart API methods, you can easily access and manage Wix store orders, prices, shipping details, and much more.


Wix shipping software integration development via API2Cart allows you to:

  • import order details from multiple Wix stores
  • update tracking data and order statuses
  • create shipping labels
  • automate, schedule, and customize shipping tasks to run only for specific stores
  • organize the data in detailed reports

Contact API2Cart today to get more info on how you can integrate your shipping management software with Wix easily and fast. Or sign up for a free 30-day trial and test all API2Cart features with no restrictions.

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