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The development of the connection between SaaS systems and multiple shopping platforms become more and more important in 2020. That is because the number of e-retailers is increasing rapidly. All they need the services that can automate their processes. A significant number of online store owners use X-Cart platform for running their eCommerce businesses. So, if you want to provide your SaaS system to those who use this platform, we recommend you pay attention to X-Cart API integration.

In this article, we are going to explore all the benefits and difficulties connected with the development of connection with X-Cart API. This info will be useful for those software providers who operate in the sphere of shipping, warehouse, inventory management, marketing automation, ERP, etc.

Why Shopping Platform Integration is Necessary for SaaS App Vendors

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person who never uses Internet technologies. More and more people, currently, want to be able to buy some products and goods online, considering this experience more convenient.

That is why online business can make a great influence and remarks to any profit-making. However, buying and selling products over the Internet is not a limit to online business. B2B is one of the types of eCommerce. It occurs when one company provides another one with its services. This kind of trade is widely spread among all digital vendors.

Shipping management, order and inventory management, dropshipping automation, email marketing, repricing software, and many others are considered to be such services. No wonder every SaaS app provider, who wants to be in the picture, strives to achieve long-term success by satisfying its clients’ needs. It’s evident that they always have to go the extra mile to meet constantly changing market’s requirements.

Viewed more deeply, though, it could be said that it’s not such an easy task to build and manage qualified online service as it’s needed to deal with a high number of clients. To perform excellent service for your customers, you have to be able to retrieve different data from their online stores and integrate it with your soft. So, if you want to succeed in your niche, there is a need to knuckle down to some serious work and observe every presented tool on the market. API is considered to be such a solution for proper integration.

API Technologies as a Crucial Factor for Success

API technologies bring up prosperity that is needed to conquer the market. Moreover, it is hard for SaaS app providers to meet severe competition, not using Application Programming Interface. It will surely help you transform your B2B software business and be ready to immediately adjust and react to the various conditions. Retrieving, updating, adding, and synchronizing all the necessary information from online stores is crucial for different software providers working with retailers.

Another number one question for the SaaS app providers is to choose the right shopping platform to integrate with. You have to answer some questions to secure yourself from making a mistake. What position this shopping solution holds in the list of solutions? How many stores are powered by this platform? How many retailers use it?

X-Cart appears to be an appropriate solution to choose for integration with, as it has 20 years of successful work behind the belt. Also, more than 30 000 online shops are based on it. Integration with this open-source shopping cart platform will bring you a lot of advantages that are worth mentioning. You will receive access to a vast number of clients for whom you may provide your service. So, developing X-Cart API integration, you can hugely expand your business possibilities and offer your solution to a higher number of e-retailers.

X-Cart API

With 20 years of successful experience and thousands of online stores powered, X-Cart has become one of the most powerful shopping platforms in the market. By performing the integration with this cart software, you can simply improve your business and expand the number of your potential clients. It also allows you to retrieve, add, update, and sync all the data needed from customers’ stores, including orders, products, customers, and other related info.

The good news is that X-Cart provides an API supporting both JSON and XML formats. It makes it possible for you to access the data assets of stores based on the platforms. The API supports 4 methods that allow you to operate the data from X-Cart stores as you need it. They are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

GET is used for pulling the data, POST - for creating an entity, PUT - for its changing, DELETE - for the entity removing. To get more detailed information, go to the platform's documentation.

How to Implement the X-Cart API Integration Easily?

Developing a connection with X-Cart API can bring a lot of possibilities to shipping, WMS, marketing automation, ERP, repricing software providers. However, performing the API integration with X-Cart requires strong technical expertise and a lot of time. Also, it will cost you a thousands of dollars as the developed connection also requires further maintenance and updates.

The best way to connect with X-Cart is to find a solution that will facilitate this job and won’t cut into your work seriously. API2Cart is a powerful tool to solve the issue. It is an online service that establishes integration with 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces easily and effortlessly. X-Cart is in the list of API2Cart’s supported eCommerce platforms.


It’s worth saying that API2Cart possesses all needed expertise as it has integrated X-Cart for hundreds of clients. As well as 5 mln API calls are served per month. Developers will be satisfied with an interactive documentation, 99.9% uptime and full tech support. Taking into consideration that with X-Cart integration you will have access to other shopping platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Scalability and flexibility are very crucial that is why API2Cart provides the possibility to add as many stores as you need. Also, in order to secure the integration process, it is offered 32-symbol API key to access the system.

API2Cart provides more than 100+ API methods for managing the data from X-Cart stores. Using them you will get access to online store's data related to products, orders, customers, shipments, etc. Moreover, you will be able to manage such info as you wish. You can add it, delete and sync between various sales channels.

For example, API2Cart supports such methods for managing the data from X-Cart:

  • for working with productsproduct.list/ count/ info/ find/ add/ update/ product.child_item.list
  • for working with categoriescategory.list/ count/ info/ find
  • for working with ordersorder.count/ list/ info/ add/ find/ update/ status.list/ abandoned.list/ shipment.list/ shipment.add/ shipment.update
  • for working with customerscustomer.list/ count/ info/ find/ add
  • for working with taxestax.class.info

So, using API2Cart you can solve such business cases as gather info on orders, customers, products, tracking numbers and shipping addresses, updating order statuses, monitoring and synchronizing inventory levels, updating e-stores prices, etc. 


The development of X-Cart API integration requires a lot of time, money and effort. It also needs further upgrades every time the platform releases its new API version or makes any other changes. Nevertheless, it is essential for that eCommerce B2B software who want to expand their customers' base, increase profits, and enhance their functionality. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to connect with X-Cart is to use third-party integration services with good work experience like API2Cart.

To achieve the best results and satisfy clients’ needs are at the top of API2Cart’s agenda. So, if you want to be the best in the sphere, don’t waste time, integrate your soft with X-Cart, and many other shopping platforms and marketplaces at once via a unified API by API2Cart.

Connecting to API2Cart, you'll automatically integrate your software with Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, etc.

If you have some questions, let our expert help you. Schedule a consultation with our manager right now! Notice that you can try all API2Cart features for 30-days for free with no limits.

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