Updated 15 September 2020 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Over the last years chatbots have been gaining ground in the eCommerce market, bringing a new insight into retail and customer support. This technology has changed the way we buy, work and interact online. However, a lot of companies are still on the fence of whether chatbot fits into their business. What casts their doubts on is widespread misconceptions about chatbots. Below we have defined the commonly found myths and the real facts hiding behind them.

Myth #1 Chatbots are Brand New Technology

The history of chatbots has its roots back to the 1960's. The first chatbots started with ELIZA - the prototype of modern chatbots. The programme served as a chatbot therapist with whom people could talk about their problems. After that, there were a lot of chatbots released. The latest of them are Siri chatbot for iPhone and Alexa for Amazon. So, to say that chatbot is the newest trend will be a mistake.

Myth #2 Developing Chatbots is as Easy as ABC

In fact, to set up primitive chatbot doesn’t take a lot of time. When it comes to develop a more intelligent chatbot for a variety of business purposes, it requires much more efforts as well as operating voluminous data. The better option is to leave this to professionals.

Myth #3 Bots are Used Only by Large Companies

It’s one of the most notorious myths. It seems as if chatbots and AI are affordable only for big companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. However, the reality is that small businesses can benefit from them too. There are a lot of affordable chatbot platforms for different functions.

Myth #4 Chatbots Replace Humans

In fact, chatbots only facilitate routine work. According to PwC report chatbots and AI will alleviate all monotonous and time-consuming tasks such as paperwork (82%), scheduling (79%) and timesheets (78%). As a result, the staff can devote their time to more important tasks.

Moreover, chatbots perform other functions such as serve clients faster and with higher quality. When it comes to simple or routine issues chatbots solve them easily, while in complex and nonstandard situations humans are irreplaceable. Thus, chatbots do not replace people but work for them.

Myth #5 Bots Make Mobile Apps Redundant

Chatbot is a simple way to get 24/7 support, place orders and ask for details. Unlike apps, chatbots are often based on popular chat platforms and users don’t have to install another app. However, saying about apps replacement is improper, as tablets haven’t made smartphone redundant, the same bots will not take over apps.

That was a brief overview of the most common myths about chatbots. We hope we have dispelled your misconceptions surrounding chatbots. In case you can provide other thoughts about chatbots and need them to be explained, write the comments below.

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