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Recently we have published a new whitepaper How to Market Your Integrations. It has already come in handy for many B2B eCommerce software vendors. It is an ultimate guide on how to make the most out of your new integrations and other system’s capabilities.

What is more, five amazing marketing experts were involved into the process of creating the whitepaper. They provided us with valuable practical insights regarding each marketing step.

Today we will try to interpret the hidden and obvious sense behind some of the most accurate quotes by our marketing experts which you’ll definitely love.


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The first wonderful saying by Jennifer Riggins, eBranding Ninja, can quickly bring any entrepreneur back down to earth. Even/especially if you are the absolute pro, whatever industry you work in, don’t expect the potential customers to know all the fancy terms and concepts you’re operating. Speak your customers’ language and try to look at your product from their perspective.


b2b ecommerce marketing quote

Ted Rubin, CMO of Brand Innovators, knows firsthand how fast business environment changes, and it is a true challenge to stay always relevant for the potential clients. Decline of numerous corporate giants like Nokia and Kodak over inability to keep up with the change prove how important flexibility is. Wait, it seems we’ve digressed from the topic. The modern client wants to treat you as a friend to chat with, not a crafty seller.


b2b ecommerce marketing quote

We are not going to be as sympathetic as Tim Hughes, Digital Leadership Associates co-founder. It is a race and each morning you have to wake up with the purpose to win it. The fact that you weren’t informed about the start of the run won’t ever save you from losing. Building good relationships with your customers is essential, and social media is a perfect means for this.


b2b ecommerce marketing quote

Some of us may have taken the 80/20 rule too literally. We aim to get as big results as possible and focus on the leading platforms. Yet it is easy to get lost among the millions of alike (and even not-so-alike) products and services each of which is fighting for its place under the sun. Ross Simmonds, a digital strategist, is giving a new perspective to this issue. The best working solution is to pay more attention to the platforms which are not so oversaturated with the supply. Think about this alternative next time you review your marketing plan.


b2b ecommerce marketing quote

The last quote for today, a true icing on the cake, is by Josh Steimle, CEO of MWI. After all, we are all just humans: we decide basing on our feelings, we follow the intuition and want to build trustful relationships with the surrounding, including companies. A philosophy of vulnerability is a winning strategy of the 21st century, even though it may seem quite the opposite.

How Did You Like These Quotes? Do You Completely Agree With All of the Ideas?


In case you found this material interesting, you will definitely enjoy reading our whitepaper, How to Market Your Integrations: Marketing Tips for B2B eCommerce Vendors. It is a complete and comprehensive instruction which can help you to turn you system capabilities into the selling point.

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