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Updated 8 September 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Chatbots for eCommerce are collaborative tools that automate basic communication operations. Nevertheless, as artificial intelligence is proliferating, chatbots are predicted to become more specialized over time. In general, they could replace live chat personnel or remove large amounts of time and effort from them. Chatbots can significantly improve users ' buying experience and have the ability to boost the sales and expansion of a company. Chatbots could also be used to optimize processes, lower the cart dropout rate, monitor payments and orders, direct clients through the selling process and even make the payments.

The chatbots require to be integrated with the relevant shopping carts and marketplaces to deliver all of these functionalities. For example, eCommerce store merchants who sell their product on some shopping platform would need a chatbot software in place to give their clients the option of creating orders, monitoring shipping details, etc. As a chatbot software vendor, you have to find some way to integrate your solution with various eCommerce platforms so that you can sell your software to all the online retailers on the web.

Throughout this article, we'll show you why it's essential to develop Etsy integration with chatbots.

Why is Etsy API Integration a Must-Have for Your Chatbots?

If you didn't know, Etsy is a big eCommerce platform established in 2005. Etsy lets users arrange their items into different lists and categories. Etsy launched as a platform for craftsmen and artisans but quickly grew into the largest authentic goods marketplace. People around the globe find Etsy an alternative to corporate branding and worldwide marketing. The more this platform expanded, the more diverse it became. Statista reports more than 2 million online retailers from 234 countries are selling their products over this platform.

By integrating your chatbot solution with Etsy you can get the following benefits:

  • expand the list of customers;
  • expand market share, as Etsy sells to people from over 234 countries;
  • work with data easier and stay in control of all orders, customers, products, etc;
  • expand your software functionality;
  • increase your profits: integrating your SaaS solution with Etsy means thousands of new customers and a significant increase in revenue.
  • As a chatbot software provider, you certainly want to expand as much as possible and expand the number of potential clients. You have to be able to deliver superior customer service to eCommerce online retailers to help them streamline their business operations and improve the service they provide to their customers. Through chatbots, retailers can better understand their clients ' needs and what they want. They can utilize the ability of chatbots to gain the necessary information about their customers to provide unique services. More and more online shop buyers are willing to place instant requests using chatbots. That's why your software solution needs access to all the information from the stores that are required to be able to satisfy the orders accurately and efficiently.

    Besides, chatbot eCommerce incorporation lets you gain entry to millions of new clients. Through integrating your solution with as many online markets and shopping carts as you can, you will have access to a massive client database available to work with you. Integrating your software solution with the major eCommerce sites, you'll be able to move up two steps further than your competition. That's why your chatbot eCommerce integration is so essential for market success and why Etsy eCommerce incorporation will help you as a chatbot vendor to increase your market share significantly and grow your client pool. Integrating with Etsy will enable you to deliver high-end services to millions of retailers who are using this eCommerce platform.

    What is the Easiest Way to Developing Etsy Integration with Chatbots?

    Since each shopping platform and marketplace has its architecture and API challenges, integrating with them could be a complicated task. This process will take time and typically involves a significant investment in money. Integrating to Etsy takes a long time and calls for a group of competent developers. Most providers attempt to establish integration on their own encounter three major challenges: time, investment and skilled and experienced workforce.

    The chatbot software companies should expect a lot of time to complete a single integration. Throughout this time, programmers have to learn about the logic, platform architecture and all its elements of the API. The corporation needs to invest a great deal of money in a decent developer when it comes to expenses. They must also hire an expert to keep the existing relation, which can cost up to $120k a year. Qualified developers who know how to create and manage an Etsy integration are scarce, so their cost is enormously high.

    The amazing news is that you can easily integrate with Etsy via API2Cart without needing to spend a significant amount of money or spend your valuable time and to do every integration manually. It can assist your chatbot solution to make all integrations simultaneously. API2Cart also offers a powerful chatbot functionality, offering additional features to enable your chatbot solution to provide your clients with everything they require.

    API2Cart provides a unified API that allows integrating with more than 40 shopping platforms including Etsy, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, as well as many others at once.

    API2Cart API Methods for eCommerce Chatbots

    With the help of API2Cart your chatbot software will be able to get and manage info on products, orders, shipments, customers, stock levels, etc. Here is the list of some popular businesses cases and API methods that allow to perform them:

    Product Catalogs

    • product.list/info - get product information
    • product.find - check availability and get some product info

    Check and update product quantities

    • product.update - update stock level of the store

    Send tracking info

    • product.shipment.list - returns info on tracking number

    Manage orders

    • order.add/update - create and update orders

    Cart recovery

    • order.abandoned.list - get the list of abandoned orders

    Shopping cart integration via API2Cart saves money, time and development resources as well as brings you many potential customers. What's even better is that API2Cart allows you to test the service for 30 days entirely free. Please feel free to contact us for more details about API2Cart.

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