Updated 5 September 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

We are glad to be back with our monthly overview of the most interesting B2B eCommerce news e-world has talked about. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article:

1. 5 ways B2B marketers can make sure they’re not sabotaging their own blog

So, you started a blog to boost your company’s profile and support your marketing efforts but it’s not generating any interest or leads? The problem is fixable, if you follow these five simple tips provided by Monta Johnson.

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2. The state of B2B e-commerce in 2019 (so far)

In this article Joydeep Bhattacharya tells about trends of B2B eCommerce in 2019. He also mentions that B2B e-commerce is changing at a rapid pace and reports predict that B2B e-commerce sales will reach over $6.6 trillion by 2020. Get know more about it in his article.

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3. The Secrets of Assessing B2B Market Sizes

Knowing the size of a market is a fundamental requirement for all marketing plans. The market size is a measure of the potential available to a company and it is the starting point for developing a marketing strategy. In this blog post Ian Marshall from B2B International discusses how market size can be assessed.

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4. The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2019

Marketing to businesses is very different than marketing to individual consumers. Allies Decker shares this guide that helps to better understand B2B marketing, the most effective B2B marketing strategies, and how you can tap into and convert your business audience.

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5. B2B Video Getting Shorter, But Being Watched Longer [Report]

The report of Vidyard reveals that the average length of B2B videos is getting relatively shorter while viewers are watching B2B videos slightly longer. Get know some other significant result of this report in the article written by Greg Jarboe.

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6. 5 Quick Tips for Creating B2B Relationships

Relationships matter. B2B partnerships can give your business a wider reach, putting your products and services in front of more potential customers than you could reach through just an individual consumer marketing approach. In this article Jeff Bevis from FirstLight Home Care shares tips on how to establish the right kind of B2B relationships.

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7. It’s the 21st Century: B2B Needs to Be Fun(ner)

Karine Bengualid mentions that just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there’s a type of fun marketing that’s just right for every business. Read this article that will help to make your marketing culturally relevant and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

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That’s all for now. If you have any interesting news to share, leave the comments in the section below.

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