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Get Started with API2Cart Integration

API2Cart empowers you to connect with industry-leading platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Volusion, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more, all through a unified API.

The API is accessed over HTTPS protocol and is available for authenticated users only. It is based on the RESTful principles, which makes it easier to test and implement.

To begin using our API, create an account with the help of our specialists. Once registered, you'll find your unique API key within your account dashboard. This key acts as your personal identifier and grants you access to the API's functionalities. It is a code generated by API2Cart for each user individually. It provides you with access rights on the API. You will use your API key to establish a connection between the service and stores you are going to work with. Personal API Key helps us to identify users who perform API requests and allows to track and control API usage.

To be able to communicate with store data you need to add that store to your API2Cart account.

The process of connecting a store depends on a type of eCommerce platform:

  • based on a hosted platform
  • based on an open-source platform

You can add your store manually to the list by clicking the “Add store” button in your API2Cart account. Paste your store’s URL, select the store’s type, and enter the needed information that depends on the chosen store type. You will have to provide API Key/Token and password if it is a hosted platform or use bridge files to establish a connection to other carts. See the full list of requirements for different platforms here.

Also, you can add the store automatically via API request using account.cart.add method with the same credentials described above.

For testing purposes, you can execute needed methods via our Interactive Docs, from your account or

Also, you can download and use our SDK and check out some recommendations for developers.

Here is a short video guide on how to do it in a few clicks

To connect stores that are based on open-source shopping platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and CS-Cart and others we use the Connection Bridge file.

There are two ways you can install Bridge file on the store:

You can download plugins for needed platforms in the “Build Plugin” section on your API2Cart account.

Please find our guides on how to get needed credentials on different platforms here.

Note: API2Cart works on the back-end of your system. It means that your customers do not need to interact with API2Cart. To establish the connection with their stores you can provide a UI in your application where your customer can download the plugin and provide needed credentials.

For additional information, you can visit our FAQ and Troubleshooting sections. If you experience any other issues feel free to contact us via live chat.