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Updated 22 June 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Inventory management is not an easy task for many eCommerce businesses. There is always a risk of having too much and having too little stock.

A solid inventory management system (IMS) prevent such situations from occurring by automating the inventory management process as much as possible. However, sometimes false beliefs and myths lead to a misunderstanding of the role of inventory management software.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the most common myths about IMS and the facts that debunk them. So, let’s start:

1. There is no need to invest in inventory management software

A lot of eCommerce retailers believe they can manage their inventory without the help of an inventory management system. They may have their own way to track and manage inventory manually. In reality, however, a lack of efficient software solution results in troubles with inventory process and warehouse management.

Having an inventory management software you can solve the production inefficiencies, save time and resources. The system automates the key business processes such as inventory, orders, customers, accounting, reporting, etc. It is definitely a valuable addition to any eCommerce business.

2. It’s too difficult to master an inventory management software

Not so! The truth is that with the right inventory management software managing inventory is easy. Just choose the proper system for your business and inventory management would not be complexity for you anymore.

3. Inventory requires a constant checking for stock accuracy

A huge misconception is to think that you have to make frequent inventory checks even if you use inventory management software. Of course, when this system fails, you should control if everything goes well.

When we take a reliable inventory software that runs everything automatically, there is no need to do expensive, time-consuming and frequent inventory checks. Such a system provides an accurate inventory count and manages the stock according to the demand of your business. 

4. There is a need of inventory specialist to track orders & place demand

One of the most stereotyped myths about the inventory management system is that only an inventory specialist can track inventory and place orders. In fact, with barcode scanners and software, any of the employees can receive, manage, and process orders. They just need some training, the correct equipment and discipline.

5. Inventory management software is too expensive

Of course, many small businesses can’t afford the systems that large companies are using. But still, there is a great variety of affordable inventory management solutions in the market which offer almost the same functions and features that higher-priced systems provide and, above all, at a lower price.

6. Connecting the store to IMS is difficult

For many store owners connecting their stores to an inventory management system seems to be very difficult to implement. Moreover, that’s what often preclude their consideration of IMS solution. However, in fact, they should not care about it, as IMS takes it upon itself.

Shopping Cart Integration for Inventory Management Software

In order to satisfy all client's needs, inventory management system providers have to integrate their soft with various shopping carts to gather necessary information. However, accessing users’ data on different platforms requires strong technical expertise as each solution has its own specific way of data storage.

Inventory Management API Integration

Inventory Management API Integration

Explore how to develop the integration between your inventory management software and eCommerce platforms easily.


Moreover, it takes time to find the way of getting into each system’s core and learning how to get the data from there. Besides, it necessary to hire a developer specializing in particular platforms. Once added, each platform integration should be updated and technical support should be available. Thus, designing multiple integration methods will require considerable time and money spent.

Luckily, there is a way to integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms faster, easier and cheaper. API2Cart helps your inventory management system to successfully overcome the challenges of establishing integration and maintaining different shopping carts. Through only one integration with API2Cart, you can get connected with 40+ shopping carts like Walmart, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Ecwid, Lightspeed and many others at once. You will be able to retrieve, add, update and sync all the data needed from customers’ stores based on these platforms including orders, products, customers and other related info.

For more information about integration with shopping carts via API2Cart, schedule a FREE сonsultation with our representative and discuss the details.

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