The Best of API Building Practices

Published 27 May 2016 | Updated 1 August 2017 |

api practices

Business, as we know it today, is increasingly interdependent. If you want to succeed and grow it, you need to be able to establish all sorts of connections. This is especially true of businesses that involve web technologies, and Saas vendors in particular. And APIs are what make it possible to build connections between different systems, applications and platforms to facilitate inter-software communication and data interchange. This can be used to create new channels for connecting with target markets. With help of APIs, developers can quickly launch useful tools to benefit both the business and its customers.

Once the API is out and has active users, it is very difficult to make changes in it without affecting the customers. That is why it is so important to elaborate it thoroughly and make sure that  API works perfectly before releasing it to the public.

Due to the increasing importance of APIs, we are sure that this infographic will be of use to developers, as it includes the full list of best API-building practices. We have encountered it on anypresense and just couldn’t not share it with you :

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