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Updated 2 June 2020 | Lexy Mayko

Development is gripping, specially when you are new to it. As time goes by and your expertise grows, getting a bit lazy and finding apps that would make the process agile and its results more bug-free and productive sounds like a great idea. Coming across a tool providing the functionality you have been looking for is not always a breeze. To save the time you would spend searching, we have found a few useful browser development tools that will surely come you in handy.

PHP Docs-to-go


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned PHP developer, this tool will be of great service to you. It is a an offline-working manual that can boast of more than 12k docs at your disposal. You will be pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly the documentation provided is - create notes, search by either partial or exact function names, and enjoy omnibox being supported.

If this google tool sounds like something you would give a try to, click here and read a more detailed information on what to expect provided by both the creator and happy users.

RestInSoap - SOAP & REST Client


Not yet in wide use, RestInSoap is a remarkable find for the 3000 developers already enjoying it. This app allows to access REST and SOAP based web services from your browser. It offers a variety of features great for either architectural style. It also provides a couple of general features such as syntax highlighting, tab jump, application state persistence, auto format requests, word wrap, filter operations, and environment variables.

Read to try it? Start by adding it to your Chrome.

Zed Code Editor


Zed is one of the most appreciated Chrome-based text and code editors with a 44k-user army of fans. It is almost universal and will surely be of use to you with all the programming languages and formats supported. The app does syntax highlighting for C, CoffeeScript, C#, CSS, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LogiQL, Markdown, Nix, PHP, Python, Ruby, XML, etc. It also allows multiple cursors and split-view editing.

Interested in more details? Find them here.

Postman postman

Loved by 920k users worldwide, Postman makes a de facto must-know-about for developers. It is a tool that helps to not only build and test APIs, but also document them. The app offers more than 80 features that will let you create and send HTTP requests, group requests into collections according to function and replay them, switch context quickly, customize with scripts, etc.

See the full list of features here or simply download the tool and explore them yourself.

Codenvy codenvy

Codenvy is a powerful cloud IDE (integrated development environment) you will love using to modify and debug your code anytime and anywhere. It supports almost any language or framework you would most likely be using. To join the army of the fans of this application, go to this page.

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