Add Bells and Whistles to Your e-Business with VirtueMart Integration

Published 9 September 2014 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

VirtueMart Integration

It’s not necessary, currently, to put an emphasis on how important the innovations are in today’s highly developed digital world as this is obvious that they really mean a lot for profit-making. Every merchant, who provides various online services has to be innovative in order to win the competition. Nowadays, it is offered a lot of different technologies to conquer the market.

API is considered to be such modern solution that helps vendors to stay on the picture in the niche. In case you provide e-mail marketing, repricing system, analytics system or other types of services, you are probably looking for the powerful tool to solve all the integration challenges. Application programming interface enables fast and secure integration with various shopping carts with no extra efforts. This technology will help you to run your online business in the most effective way.

Benefit From VirtueMart Integration

VirtueMart, a Joomla! plug-in has been in the leadership position for more than 9 years. No wonder that it has an army of adherents, as an experience of using this shopping cart is overwhelming. VirtueMart powers thousands of online stores that equals to almost 6% of the e-Commerce market. Integration with this solution will surely bring you a lot of benefits and the number of your potential clients will increase greatly.

Wonder how to perform VirtueMart integration, having no expertise and technical knowledge? API2Cart is considered to be a real hand of help to establish this process. It is an online service that provides integration with more than 30 various shopping solutions. VirtueMart with all versions and editions is in the list of API2Cart’s supported carts.

API2Cart possesses advantages that are worth considering:

  • Interactive Documentation. The number one point is the possibility to try how everything works. Use the default API key that is given to test all API methods.
  • Scalability and Flexibility. API2Cart handles an unlimited number of clients’ stores.
  • Uptime Guarantee. Service provides 99,9% uptime.
  • Work at a High Pace. Enjoy the fastness of API2Cart’ work, retrieve, add, update and sync up to 10 various items with related data just in 3 seconds.
  • Full Tech Support. API2Cart provides you with a full product support as well as it’s feasible to broaden the functionality on your request.
  • High-Level Security.Our service uses SSL certificate to ensure integration process.

API2Cart as a Breakthrough for Various e-Commerce Fields

API2Cart gives you the possibility to curve out a niche that you work in, either waste your time on development various integration modules. Breathe entirely new life into such online business spheres with API2Cart:

  • E-mail marketing. Confused how to move data via CSV files? Forget about all obstacles! API2Cart provides you with the possibility to retrieve, add and update customers names, addresses and other related data in no time.
  • Mobile commerce. Manage your mobile store in an ease, get all needed data from your client’s web site and add it to the mobile one effortlessly.
  • Comparison shopping engine. Easily gather all necessary information, including products price and description to monitor competitors prepositions and change your clients’ prices in a real time.
  • Other systems.

API2Cart with its experience and expertise offers high-quality service to provide you and your customers with the best experience. We have already integrated VirtueMart for thousands of clients, as well as 3000+ online stores are supported. Also, API2Cart serves 5+mln API calls per month that is definitely not a limit.

Moreover, after establishing VirtueMart integration, you will automatically, with no extra efforts get an integration with 30 other shopping carts, including such industry leaders as Magento, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart and others.

Dispel all doubts and improve your e-Business with the help of API2Cart. If you have some questions, feel free to ask them. Schedule a FREE Consultation, let our expert help you!