API Digest #63: Companies Are Missing the Point of the API Economy

Published 6 February 2017 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

APIs are everywhere: Why?

API2Cart continues the API Digest series, and in this issue, you will read a wrap-up of the following articles:

  • Companies are missing the point of the API economy
  • Planet's API-first vision for satellite imagery
  • What is at stake with API Definitions at the moment
  • APIs are everywhere: Why?
  • First time API implementation for entrepreneurs.
  • Hypermedia myths and misconceptions
  • Automation is the key for Agile API Documentation

Companies, who release their APIs want developers to use them. So, companies often offer monetary incentives to encourage developers to use their APIs. Nikhil Hasija believes that by doing it, companies are missing the point of the API economy, and this strategy can be disruptive for user experience.

In the newsletter edition “Planet's API-first vision for satellite imagery”, Gordon Wintrob speak with people from Planet. This company is on a mission to launch a fleet of satellites that provide a daily map of the entire globe. They discussed how this is a game changer for monitoring the planet, the company’s API strategy, and some of the challenges of working with satellite data.

API Evangelist wants people who view API definitions as yet another intellectual property see that there is more money to be made when these things are left open. He’s going to demonstrate how business, institutions, and government can work more smoothly when API definitions are accessible, and openly licensed. Read more in his article “What is at stake with API Definitions at the moment

APIs are everywhere: Why? There are plenty of good reasons for that. Read about how APIs power digital transformation and businesses’ growth in Domenic Ravita’s article.

Any business or organization in the world can bring an API to market, but APIs are increasingly synonymous with the startup world. In this article, Chris Wood looks at the first time API implementation for entrepreneurs.

In the video “Hypermedia myths and misconceptions”, Glenn Block, Director of Product Management for Webtask, discusses the truth and myth beyond some beliefs: the web was built for hypermedia, there is no REST without hypermedia, hypermedia is the magic cure for all API ills, etc.

Documentation is often seen an albatross to an agile project management process built with rapid iterations, learning from customers, and pivoting. Yet, particularly with the API space, the most important thing that developers are considering is the documentation, believes Jennifer Riggins. Read more in her article “Automation is the key for Agile API Documentation

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #147 and #146 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

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