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API2Cart continues to deliver the most interesting news from the world of APIs via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. OpenAPI-Driven API Design

In this article Keshav Vasudevan explains how OpenApi Specification can help you in the first stage of your API lifecycle: API design. Read the article to get know more about it.

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2. Best Practices for Building SDKs for APIs

While it’s extremely important to have quality API developer experience, it does not stop at great API design or at the documentation level. One of the most important elements of great developer experience is the SDK. Kristopher Sandoval explains how to make the SDK ecosystem as strong as possible and offers some best practices for building a good SDK, and thereby forming a strong and robust API network.

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3. API Evolution for REST/HTTP APIs

 In this article Phil Sturgeon states that API evolution is making a comeback these days with GraphQL and gRPC advocates shouting about it. Whatever API paradigm or implementation you subscribe to, evolution is available to you. Get more information in this article.

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4. Designing API to keep them simple

It is very important that your API is used by other developer. Developer are human, human like simple stuff, so your API has to be as simple as possible. Jean-Louis Guenego defines 5 methods in how to reach simplicity in design of your API.

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5. Developer: 10 API tips that every developer should know

Building an API infrastructure isn’t without its share of programming problems. Mission critical API’s are constantly updated with new features and migrations whilst serving content to users. Jay Cohen offers the tips which serve as a generalisation for developers looking to build new services or gain performance points out of existing architecture.

6. RESTful API Simple and Elegant — Part I

In the article Dejan Dabic simplifies the term RESTful API and dedicates it for people who started learning web development recently and for those who want to know more about server side architecture.

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7. Difference Between Data and API

API and Data are two confused terms in API economy. Sakari Paloviita explains Data and API on the example of oil and oil pump. Read the article to see how it works.

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