Hold all the Aces with BigCommerce Integration

Published 9 September 2014 | Updated 5 May 2020 |

Nowadays, online business is expanding at a high pace, so to be valid through Internet and provide some services in particular, is considered to be very beneficial profit-making. But occasionally, newbies have to face up a dizzying list of questions when starting to conduct e-Business. What service to provide? What are rivals doing? How to predict market’s needs and requirements? The answers to these questions could be found while discovering every novelty that is presented in the digital world.

API is considered to be such field that has to be discovered. It will take your online trade into a new step and convert your business soft into huge service location in order to provide your clients with the best experience.

For you as a SaaS App provider integration with shopping platforms provide huge possibilities. Undoubtedly, BigCommerce integration is among the first integrations your solution must have. This article will tell you why BigCommerce is worth integrating with and more.

BigCommerce is on Hand

After business demands prioritization, choosing the right platform to integrate with, is the next important step. People, usually, face the difficulties when it comes to picking shopping cart. BigCommerce is very popular solution and is firmly fixed among the top platforms leaders. BigCommerce integration will undoubtedly bring a lot of advantages for merchants as it powers more than 50 000 of online stores. So, if you don’t want to be crushed under the feet of more innovative competitors, you have to react immediately and take a proper decision.

However, API integration is complex process, especially when you have to deal with thousands of customers for whom you provide your service. This huge work doesn’t contribute to an easy job. Don’t let the obstacles make you lose an excellent opportunity to shift your online trade to a new level. As a hand of help API2Cart rushes to rescue all merchants that are in the desperate situation.

API2Cart, What It Gives to You?

This online service provides you with a single API in order to integrate with more than 40 shopping carts. BigCommerce with all versions is in the list of API2Cart’s supported platforms. Easily retrieve, add, update and sync various data you need from your clients’ stores on the shopping cart and integrate it with your soft.

API2Cart gives you an opportunity to establish your soft on a level where you are able to play a field with larger competitors. Our service possesses all needed experience, and 1000+ satisfied clients is its proof. Moreover, more than 5 mln API calls are served every month.

The ability to hold an unlimited number of clients’ stores makes API2Cart more convenient for usage. Furthermore, in order to provide you with secure integration, your are offered 32-symbol API key together with a full tech support. To simplify and speed up the process, our API is well optimized, so you are able to retrieve, add, update and sync more than 10 products, customers, orders with related information just in 3 seconds.

API2Cart can breathe new life into such e-Commerce solutions:

  • Analytics system. Wonder how to provide your customers with proficient reports but don’t know how to connect to BigCommerce? API2Cart helps you to gather products, product prices and customers with related data as well as orders with order statuses for making proper analytic service with no efforts.
  • Shopping engines сomparison. Faced up a challenge of monitoring and comparing competitors’ prices? With API2Cart, you are able to get and update orders’ list, prices, customers’ info, product count and other related information to operate with it and provide your clients with an excellent experience.
  • Accounting system. Have difficulties with managing receivable and payable accounts? Easily retrieve and update customers’ info, orders’ list, product count, prices in order to provide you customers with accounting service of high-quality.
  • Other systems.

It’s up to you to make the final decision. But if you provide online service, and you don’t use API technology, you are seriously missing out. Use API2Cart to add brownie points to your e-Commerce solution. Dispel all doubts, and move your trade to a new level.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask them. Let our experts help you and schedule a FREE Consultation. Keep doing profitable e-Business with API2Cart!