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Updated 21 October 2020 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

For your eCommerce B2B Software, store data is an inevitable part of your business process whether you are order management system, shipping management, marketing automation, price optimization, or any other solution in the niche. As this information is stored on shopping carts, integration with eCommerce platforms is vital to run your core processes.

However, developing integration with shopping platforms by yourself is quite a painful process. It would be nothing if you just needed one shopping cart. But the fact is that retailers run their e-shops on different eCommerce platforms.

So it must be inferred that ready-made third-party service can be a solution to overcome the challenges related to the process of shopping cart integration. Let’s look at these critical signs which indicate that your business is in need of third-party help.

# You spend a huge amount of money on developing each integration with shopping cart

As mentioned above, being a B2B eCommerce software provider, you need to integrate your service with different shopping carts and marketplaces. For example, order management systems need data about orders and product details. Inventory management systems have to access stock details. Warehouse management systems require shipment and delivery information. That is, all your services are dependent on information from shopping platforms.

Integration is expensive. It takes thousands of dollars to connect with different shopping platforms. Are you developing integrations one-by-one? Each of them costs thousands of dollars then just think if you need a dozen of integrations or even more, how much you are spending on each of them. Apart from this, you are paying professional developers for high-quality integration. Another expenditure is for the maintenance of integrated software and their updates.

How are you managing all these with massive expenditure on just integrations with shopping carts and not other essential functions? With a third-party solution, you can have a better scenario.

# You have a fear of losing new clients as each integration takes too much time

You know very well, integration is a complicated task which involves hard work, expert knowledge, API building, and technicalities to run it efficiently. Each of them is different and puts forward a new challenge in front of the developers. It is taking an average of one month to complete one integration, and you have many integrations to be done. Along with this, you have to take care of the maintenance part of it.

You are now stuck in the time constraints, and your integrations are not speeding up. Your engineers no doubt are giving their best to provide with quality and quantity, but it is not helping. Your clients would not wait for long. That’s why it is high time for you to give a second thought to your strategy and move to a better solution that could deliver you services before time.

# You have got problems when new shopping cart versions come out

You have tried to build the integrations with some shopping platforms. Your systems have been accessing data from the shopping carts effectively. But, alas! The shopping carts have now upgraded. They have switched to new versions to provide an excellent user experience. Now, what? Your engineers have developed integrations based on the previous versions of the carts, and now they are facing problems while accessing data from the present versions of shopping carts. You are getting incorrect data or may be suffering from the loss of data while transferring.

Are you thinking of building new integrations? That means an extended time to redevelop all of them. The better alternative is to switch to a third-party solution to combat all these challenges.

Third-party solution to cheaper, faster and easier shopping cart integrations

Fortunately, there is much effective way to integrate with various platforms. API2Cart provides a unified API to retrieve and operate with necessary store data from 40+ shopping carts and marketplaces such as Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, and others.

The detailed documentation makes API utilizing easy and a dedicated, tech-savvy 24/7 support team is always ready to help with any matters. API2Cart protect clients’ personal and store information from unauthorized access, so their customers can be assured about their data security.

If you are interested in integrating your B2B solution with many shopping carts and would like to talk about the technical details, please schedule a call with our representative or try how API2Cart would work for your business.

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