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Updated 16 September 2021 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Most business owners wrongly believe that if they target a global audience, they should create platforms in English. But the truth is that, to succeed globally, it’s important to localize platforms to make them accessible for local users.

English is the most used language on the internet. But it’s not the world’s most spoken language. The current world population is 7.7 billion, but only about 360 million people speak English as their first language.

So if your company wants to enter the global market, you should take an idea of software localization seriously. And if you want to learn more about software localization and its benefits, just keep reading.

What is software localization?

First things first, let’s make it clear what software localization is all about.

Software localization is the process of translating software to a local language and adapting software to culture, legal, and other specific requirements of the local market.

Software localization requires modification of all graphical user interface components including:

  • Menus
  • Dialog boxes
  • Error and status messages
  • CTA buttons

The process of software localization is rather sophisticated. But the efforts and time invested in software localization are always worth the results that the company gets.

Now let’s consider the main six benefits of localization in more detail.

Benefits of software localization

Reach a wider audience

If your B2B platform is available in English only, it means that you can reach only a small part of the global market. You can’t reach prospective customers from China, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, and other countries where most population do not speak English.

Stop for a moment and think about thousands of prospective customers that you are losing every month. Think about thousands (or even millions) of dollars in revenue that you will never get because non-English speaking customers cannot access your platform. It’s unfair, isn’t it?

If you want to make the most of your global e-commerce platform, you should localize your software. It will help you to reach millions of non-English speakers, who might be interested in buying your products or using your platform. Software localization will make your platform accessible literally for everyone.

Increase click-through rate and boost conversions

There are 1.1 billion people in the world who are not English native speakers, but who can read and write in English.

You may mistakenly think that this group of people can use your platform in English, and that software localization is not that important. But the truth is that users prefer to browse websites in their native language. So if your rivals have already localized their software, they have more chances to grab the attention of non-English speaking customers than you.

If you want to win the competition, you should localize your platform. It will help you to convince non-English native speakers to stay at your platform. Even more, it will help you to persuade them to start using your platform more actively.

Software localization will enhance the user experience. And it will positively affect click-through and conversion rates.

Be one step ahead of the competition

If you want to succeed in 2019, don’t set a goal “to keep up with your competitors”. Set a goal “to be one step ahead of the competition”.

If your rivals haven’t localized their software, don’t miss a chance to be the first one who will do it. The earlier you localize your platform, the better.

Software localization will give you a competitive advantage and make your business stand out from the crowd. Localization will help you to grab the target’s audience attention and increase market share.

Increase sales

Now let’s talk about how software localization will influence sales.

Once you make your platform accessible for everyone, hundreds of new prospective customers will visit your platform. Hundreds of foreign businesses will get to know about your brand and the services you provide. And, naturally, some of them will want to join your platform and become your customers.

Besides, non-English speakers, who couldn’t use your platform because of the language barrier before, will want to join your localized platform. Since your site will be available in their native language, prospects will be ready to become your customers.

Improve SEO ranking

Also, it’s worth mentioning that software localization has a positive impact on SEO ranking.

When you translate user-visible components of the software as well as core content to local languages, you will boost local SEO. Web crawlers will get a signal that your website provides value for the local audience. And, as a result, your website will get to the top of the Google search results.

And, as you have already guessed, it will significantly benefit your e-commerce business.

Build lasting customer relationship

The great news is that you can use software localization to add value to your customers. You can localize your platform to demonstrate to your target audience that every customer is special for your global e-commerce business.

Naturally, customers are not loyal to companies that try to apply a “one-fits-all” approach and force non-English native speakers to use the software in English. Customers tend to be more loyal to companies that allow them to enjoy web browsing in their native language.

In the B2B sector, customer loyalty is everything. The more people trust your platform, the higher the chances your business has to succeed in the long run.

In conclusion

In the world of e-commerce, software localization is a must. So if you have a chance to localize your platform right now, don't hesitate to do it.

Take a step over your foreign customers, and you will be rewarded with higher reach and engagement. Software localization will help you to skyrocket your sales and achieves the desired results.

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