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Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software that allows store owners to have total control over the warehouse and manage it more effectively. These systems are used for the proper utilization of the resources available to an eCommerce business. Along with this, they facilitate their organizing, planning and directing. All these activities are carried out while a product is stored into or moved out of a warehouse.

The main purpose of WMS is to automate business processes connected with order fulfillment, shipment tracking, managing stock levels and pinpointing the exact location of any item. It gives the possibility to prevent any problems or inaccuracies that can occur during the movement of goods. WMS also helps eCommerce store owners to reduce labour costs, improve customer service and increase data transparency.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

The main benefits of warehouse management software are elaborated below:

  • Reduced fulfilment time
  • A warehouse management system minimizes the time taken to fulfill an order request as it displays the whole information about the location and status of goods. It results in the reduction of delivery times.

    The decline in inventory paperwork due to using WMS also is an important component that reduces the time of order fulfillment.

  • Greater space utilization
  • An appreciable advantage of a warehouse management system is the proper utilization of warehouse space. The system helps the employees to manage and effectively use the available storage space. It allows the effective placement of products until they are shipped.

  • Improved customer service
  • A warehouse management system streamlines the process of ordering products and provides their shipping to a particular location. Hence, it helps customers to check product availability and know the delivery dates precisely. It keeps track of backordered products and releases them on time.

  • Reduced labour cost
  • With the help of a warehouse management system, store owners can understand their workforce in broad terms. It is capable to avoid using manual labour and let the employees work more efficiently.

  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • It is an important function of a warehouse management system to enhance the stock control activities and tracking inventories. It allows organizations to track the correct status of their product thereby improving the accuracy of the inventory.

  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • A warehouse management system reduces the overall cost of warehouse operations and efficiently manages them. When all the above-mentioned factors are met, the overall productivity of a warehouse increases.

Challenges Faced by Warehouse Management Software

WMS integration with eCommerce platforms plays a crucial role in the successful and efficient working of the system. It allows having accurate access to information about orders, customers, and products. Any information loss or distortion can adversely affect the eCommerce businesses and damage the reputation of the WMS software provider.

However, developing separate integration for every shopping platform is just like a hard nut to crack. To deal with this complexity of integration, it becomes necessary to use a service that can face the challenges and do the required hard work on your behalf.

Warehouse API Integration

Shopping Platform Integration for Warehouse Management Systems

Explore how to develop the integration with multiple shopping solutions easily.


How to Avoid Integration Pains?

API2Cart is a unified API that allows WMS software to connect to not less than 40 shopping platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Wix and other platforms in one go. Using it you can get access to the required information about customers, categories, orders, etc. and coordinate them for a pleasant organizing experience.

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