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Updated 30 July 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

On behalf of the whole API2Cart, I would like to proudly announce our new features and updates which can improve our clients’ experience. Among them: latest versions support for multiple shopping carts, new API methods for eBay, opportunity to work with gift cards and coupons and more.

1. Check info on subtotal wrapping shipping tax via total field.

A new field, total, has been added for order.list and order.info methods. The field contains information on subtotal wrapping shipping tax. It works for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware, Opencart, PrestaShop.

2. Count, add, delete, and get lists of coupons and giftcards.

We’ve developed methods that allow to count, add, delete, and get lists of coupons and giftcards. Most of the methods work on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop stores:

3. Benefit from the more advanced support of eBay integration.

The following methods have been added for eBay:

  • product.find
  • product.add
  • order.list
  • order.update
  • order.shipment.add
  • order.shipment.list
  • order.count
  • category.list

4. The latest versions of the following shopping carts are now supported:

5. Reach more clients with our new Demandware integration.

Demandware is now supported.

6. Filter your orders by customer ID in Shopify.

Customer_id filter has been added to order.list method for Shopify.

Bridge version has been updated.

See current bridge version here.

P.s. In case you have found some specific features you’ve been waiting for, do not hesitate to contact us so that you can try them out. API2Cart can become your one and only best solution for multiple shopping carts API integration.

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